dv888 Bearing very loud


so, i dropped it and it became really loud, any help?!!


Take off the shields the same thing happened to me


Sorry :P, but what else can i do?


can anyone help???/


Keep playing it. It may need to kind of settle down again.


For some reason it got some of that rusty sound. I only played it for 2 weeks. They will quiet over timw right?


Now its loud as hell!!! I am REALLY fustrated. I didnt do ANYTHING to the bearing. I am about to smash the bearing with a hammer. Remember, i am only 13 and i dont have any access to ANY form of mineral spirits. Am i screwed??? I need help, QUICK!!!


So, you want to clean a bearing and don’t have the right materials?

Without appropriate materials, you’re screwed.

Your choices for cleaning materials are:
Mineral spirits
Acetone(NOT nail polish remover, it has bad stuff in there as far as bearings are concerned)
lighter fluid(NOT butane)

In the case of One Drop’s 10 Ball bearings, they go from silent, to increasingly louder, then screaming, then they quiet back down.

You might remove your bearing and try blowing it out, but the dv888 is tight to the seat and you probably don’t have suitable pliers or a bearing puller either.


The question is, does it still spin good? That is all that matters. If the noise bothers you, then a small bit of lube will solve that.


it spins good, but lube dosnt make it quiet down. and, yes, i got pliers


As long as it spins good, I’d just leave it be, lubing it sparingly on occasion.


Really, age doesn’t matter. It’s just mineral spirits.

Or just lighter fluid.

I just use acetone. Go to a hardware store. It’s there.


The problem is, how much i thin lubed it it still is very loud. BTW It became loud after i droped the yoyo


A little lube goes a long ways. If you keep lubing it, it will go responsive on you until you play it to break down that lube and/or clean it out.

It’s time to clean it out. There may be something in the bearing. If anything, remove the bearing, de-shield it, blow it out and replace it without the shields. Problem gone? Try replacing the shields(at your choice) and see what’s going on.

I still recommend a clean and super sparing lube.


YYF bearings are not ABEC rated…so some are good and some are not so good.


So 42 you mean deshielding the bearing, then blow the bearing,then throw it witha deshielded bearing, then shield the bearing and see if it improves?



Since you’re unwilling or unable to otherwise properly clean your bearing, you’ve removed all over options. This is the only option you have left. If you have compressed air via those “office duster” type products, that works the best. A well aimed bike pump with a ball pump needle works good too.

You can safely play any bearing without the shields. I prefer the shields on, many prefer the shields off. It’s a matter of preferences.

I’m also trying to accommodate the current trend of “Help me, I need to do something, but I’m not willing or able or just plain not going to do the best thing possible or I will intentionally use the wrong product to ensure the job isn’t done properly”. My family refuses to do things properly, which results in failure and additional costs. Odd how they fight so hard to do it wrong, when doing it right is usually easier, faster and cheaper(if not free).

When you can, get some mineral spirits or acetone or lighter fluid to clean out that bearing properly.