all i can say is HELP!!!

okay i mustve mad 10000 posts about this but i am mad. I got a pgm a few months back on about 3 hours after playing it, it became extremely loud and resonsive. Then i got my prized possesion, a superstar. After 24 hours it faced the same fate. I clean both yoyo’s bearings everday because that only works for a day. On wednsday i got a DV888. It was for a few days so i was beginning to think it would not have the same problem. Now its loud and responsive. This kid at my school has a DNA, and its been fine for 2 weeks. Another person has an axiom, and thats been fine for 4 months, and he drops it in the dirt all the time. I know theres dirt in the bearing, but i dont know how it got their, i swear all ive done with the dv888 is throw it over carpet then wind it up and set it down. And i know all of you dont have the same problem because if you did than there would be constant posts about this. I am beginning to get very angry. PLEASE HELP!!!

please help

um not really sure

are you lubing it?

Make sure that after you clean your bearings, make sure they are dried REALLY well.

If all goes wrong, and you can’t figure out what to do, I’ll be happy to check them out if you don’t mind sending them to me. I won’t scam you, and if you want prrof, you can check out my trade count here and on YYN:;u=4264

I hope you can fix it! Also, what are you cleaning it with, do you leave it shielded or not, and do you use lube?

If you know its dirt in the bearing I think the best thing to do is get a can of compressed air.Like the ones used to clean keyboards, deshield your bearing and blow a few sprays of air in.

Hope this helps :-\

To dry the bearing, put it on a pencil and spin it around. Also, put the shields back on if you still have them to prevent dirt from getting in.