gone responsive ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Ok so I’ve had my DV888 for a couple of weeks, non responsive from the get go, its an awesome yoyo but after playing for about a week I decided to give it a clean and lube, but now its responsive and its very fustrsting.
Ive tried cleaning it again and running it dry, but it is still tug responsive, the only thing that I can think of is that I may have slightly crushed the bearing somehow when first trying to remove the bearing before I learned the frezzer trick, (which works everytime btw).
Is it even possible to crush a bearing with just plyers?
So atm I have cleaned it again lubed the bearing up with thin lube and just playing it hoping it to go unresponsive again, also Ive tried the other C type bearings i have and this is the only bearing doing it.
If this has happend to anyone else and they fixed the bearing plz help me.

assuming you mean “possible”, absolutely. does the bearing spin at all between your fingers? if you put it on a pen and flick it, does is spin for a few seconds (i’m guessing no).

sounds like you need a new bearing (or else a new method of cleaning them).

i find it kind of interesting that 90% of bearing-breakage i hear about is the result of desperately trying to make them less responsive.

yes the bearing still spins for a tiny while when i flick it. Its just that the bearing doesnt seem out of round at all, and i was just cleaning it as part of the yoyo maitenance i usuall clean and lube all my bearings once every 2 or 3 weeks when im using them constantly

is it deshielded?
you might just have some gunk in there that hasn’t been able to work itself out.

String, hair, and dust is a bearings enemy. When you clean it you really need to use compressed air to get the cleaning solution and any debris out.

Happend to mine a little, play with it. The trick that got it unresponsive were braintwister’s.

If you didn’t completely dry it, it will stay responsive.

clean it again and as you spin it dry blow through the bearing to force the excess cleaning solution out (I use mineral spirits). I do this until I can’t even smell the mineral spirits anymore. Now the bearing is dry and clean and if its “healthy”, should be spinning 3-4 seconds with a good flick. 1 drop of thin lube is MORE than enough and I spin the bearing while I blow air through it to expel any excess that wll slow the bearing down. I have a feeling the bearing is fine and maybe you just over lubed it. If you decide to run it dry but don’t wait until the bearing is actually dry, any little bit of whatever kind of cleaning solution you’re using will slow your bearing down too. Hope you get it right buddy!

Yeah. Try to spin it dry or blow through it.

If that doesn’t work, I would buy a new bearing.

I find that breaking in bearings by use works better than oiling them. My GM2 bearing got a little screwy for about 3 weeks (it was loud and very responsive) but it eventually fixed and now it’s great. It quited down a lot and it’s very unresponsive.

I wonder if there will ever be a day when we no longer hear the horror stories of bearing cleanings gone wrong.

I can’t emphasize this enough: there is no need to clean your bearing when things are working just fine.


Play a bearing fresh out of the package. That is all. Apply the smallest drop of thin lube every month or two to keep things smooth, and don’t worry about it.

Thanks guys for all your help.
I always dry out my bearings after cleaning them and do only use the tinyest drops of lube. I usually play the bearing at least 4 hours a day and ive had the yoyo for about a month now so I would hope that the bearing would be “broken in” by now.
I always keep my bearings shielded, so I dont think that any FOD is getting in during play and my cleaning area is immaculate
I will just keep throwing it about like normal and try avoid smashing my fingers to pieces… lol and hopefully have a break through.
Once again cheers to all who have been helpful.