DV 888 is Responsive

When I first got the yoyo I accidentally overtightened the bearing so I got it replaced at the store. Now about 3 weeks after that the yoyo is responsive about 70% of the time when I try to do Plastic Whip.

Any ideas on what to do?

Saw this on an old post: “Take the yo-yo apart. Flick the bearing with your finger. How long does it spin and what does it sound like? If it quiet you should keep playing with it to break it in or clean it. If it sounds loud or like there is a rough spot you should add some oil to the bearing.”

Answer: It doesn’t spin for more than a second and it doesn’t make a sound.

clean the bearing


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Yes, cleaning the bearing would be your best bet. There might be some debris in the bearing or the bearing is breaking in. Either ways, cleaning the bearing would do.

And check to make sure no dirt is on the bearing seat. It should be fine afterwards.

After cleaning the bearing, it might take some throws to be unresponsive. Do some Gyro-Flops to help it “get started” faster.

Cleaned it with compressed air and reassembled. The YoYo is not responsive at all now.

Thanks a lot :D!

just remember to clean your bearing when you feel it is neccesary

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