YYF WHiP is now responsive

I just got it today and have been playing with it fro about an hour and a half straight. The it just turned responsive. What happened?

Note: I do not have the supplies to clean the bearings, all I have is a paper towel

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I hate to say it, but you need to clean the bearing. There’s probably nothing wrong with the yoyo itself.

The thing to do is head to a hardware store and buy some Paint Thinner. Then just follow the simple instructions listed in this video.

If you don’t have access to a vehicle or can’t obtain Paint Thinner for some other reason, try putting a tiny drop of thin lubricant (for yoyos, not just WD40 or something similar) in the bearing and playing it until it breaks in.

Strange. Does the bearing spin freely? I have a whip and have been using it an hour or 2 a day for a month and it is still dead unresponsive.

Yes the bearing spins freely, but it makes a way different noise than it did right out of the box

That’s either a sign that you’ve got debris in your bearing or the lube in it has spun out and the bearing is now running dry. If the bearing is still spinning freely, you shouldn’t have to clean it just yet.

Try just playing it for a few more hours and see if anything improves. I’ve had a few experiences with YYF bearings suddenly getting loud and responsive, but they’ve all sorted themselves out without any need for intervention on my part.

Gotta be the bearing or string. My whip plays fine after hours of play.

I don’t know what is happening. I got my yoyo yesterday, and when I went to through it down this morning, it immediately stopped after 2 seconds of spinning. Please help!!!

Note: the bearing will either make a horibble loud noise or won’t make a noise at all.

Well one of two things could have happened. I’m assuming you couldn’t have damaged to your yo-yo in the first two seconds you  it. The more likely is that some dirt of hair got in your bearing and screwed it up. What type of yoyo and what type of bearing?

Here are two videos on how to clean your bearing.

Hope this helps!

Is it bad that the yoyo bearing just pops right of, and I don’t need plyers to get it off.?

What yoyo is it? Some have loose tolerance-bearing seats and the bearings will fall right off. The Cascade is one of those, and its a perfectly fine yoyo. So it doesn’t need to be bad at all.
And clean/change your bearing.

It depends on the yoyo, some will pop off and others will stay on tight. What yoyo do you have?

Not necessarily, some yoyo bearing seats are very loose, others really tight, others everywhere in between. My yyf superstar, for example, has an extremely tight seat (the seat is where the bearing, well, sits :D) On the other hand, my One Drop Burnside (awesome throw) has a bearing seat so loose that when you turn the yoyo upside down it falls right out. Again, what yoyo is it?

Put the bearing on a pencil and give it a flick. Does it spin freely?

Was the yoyo screwed together tightly? If not maybe the string was snagging?

Are the response pads in good shape - not torn or loose?