|Help| stuck ball bearing

ok so hear i was playing, doing my trick and such, and the yoyo starting to be responsive, i have a dv888 (that yoyo is UNRESPONSIVE), so i opened the yoyo try to roll the bearing, and its grinding and stucking like its rusted from the inside, wierd. because i bought it TODAY!!! what do i do? need help fast

Clean it.

take off the shields, and look inside. anything that doesn’t look like it should be there? take it out.
Can’t see anything? clean it. even if you can, clean it.

No matter what, clean it.

More than likely it sounds like something got in the bearing.

If the bearing is gritty and is brand new as you say, I would contact YYF for a replacement.
The bearing in my hectic hasnt been touched since I bought it(5-6 mos), Ive thrown it a lot, so if you have a brand new bearing that is sounding like it is rusted on the inside, just get a replacement.
A kid who just started throwing a yoyo shouldn’t have to know how to de-shield a bearing just to get some decent play out of his yoyo.
So if the bearing sounds really bad as you say, contact whoever sold you the yoyo, maybe they will send you a new bearing.
Good luck

Then he shouldn’t have gotten a ball bearing yoyo. He’s going to have to learn how to maintain his bearings, so why not now?

I would first try putting some light yoyo oil, and if it doesn’t work, then try contacting the company. If for some reason they will not replace it(I doubt it), then try cleaning it. To me it sounds like the bearing might need lubed.

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ok cleaned it and all, and after 8- 12 throws its started again.
i contact the seller he said i need to clean it , i told him that i need a new ball bearing and he will give it to me nomatter what

That’s a harsh way of putting it.

If you cleaned it as described in the video, you may have to buy a new bearing. They are pretty cheap.

I would recommend an AIGR or a 10 ball. They seem to work the best.

If your location is correct, you would be further ahead checking a store that sells RC cars. They usually have a wide selection of bearings for not a lot of money. Regardless of who pays for it shipping to you will be 2-3 times as much as the bearing costs.

Try cleaning it again, be sure to remove the shields and make sure the solvent is dry. Blow it out w/compressed air.

Unless you bought a used one, you broke the bearing. Just clean it again. and cleaning it means soaking the bearing in mineral spirits or other solvents, not soap and water. Put some lube on the bearing before you force the seller to give you a new bearing.

Why should this person waste their time cleaning a faulty bearing? These things are practically disposable.

I have a pack of extra bearings for just such emergencies. Unless it is a ceramic Terrapin or something equally expensive, don’t waste your time cleaning. Pop in a new one and start throwing ;D

While strings are inexpensive and simply wear out quickly, a well maintained bearing should last for a long time with minimal care. Even so, it would be nice if we all got out of the “disposable” mindset. Yes, bearings aren’t terribly cheap, but that doesn’t mean we should go trashing them unless they are in fact worn out. Maybe if we’d all learn to take care of our stuff, maybe it would last longer. Why not learn to take care of a bearing, including the de-shielding and cleaning of it?

I don’t mind having a small inventory of spare parts around. However, I repair or maintain when I can rather than replace. I’ll replace when I have to.

Sorry, just tired of the whole disposable mentality that goes with almost everything these days. I hear what you’re saying, but I simply feel it’s encouraging behavior that isn’t necessarily the best for the long term.

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