Help!!! YYF Grind Machine Responsive!!!

I barley ordered this yoyo 3 days ago! Today, I was so excited when i got it in the mail. I busted it out and started to “break it in” it was unresponsive until about the 3rd or 4th hour of play. I was just throwing it down then i did a tug on the string and boom it came back up!! Also the bearing is very very loud!! like its screaming for help!! :frowning: i don’t know what to do!! im still a beginner!! Please help, anyone!
Sorry for the desperateness.

In the stickied section under modification and maintenance there should be a thread about cleaning bearings. Should be there.

I took a look at that. Will that really fix my problem?? Even if my yoyo is brand new? I barley got it today and it already has this problem.

I got a brand new 888x ($100) and had to buy a brand new bearing the day I got it. Bearings go out all the time. Never be surprised.

I guess i’ll just have to clean it. And if it comes to the point where I need a new bearing, I guess i’ll just do that. Thanks for all the help.

Clean the bearing, and use it, and lube it.

are the black arrows pointing at each other?

Yea everything with the yoyo is fine. It’s just the bearing.