Please help!

I just received a C3Yoyodesign Mo-vitation last night, and I have a few problems with it. For starters, the bearing seems to be stuck to one half of the yoyo (this happened right out of the box), and I cannot get it out. Also, I was told the Gyroscopic Flop trick was great for breaking in the bearing, so I did that maybe 8 or so times, but it made things much worse. The yoyo now makes a loud (REALLY loud) grinding noise whenever I throw it, it is extremely responsive (comes back up to my hand), and when I spin the bearing while the yoyo is taken apart, it feels very rough and it spins for an extremely short amount of time. Did I do something wrong here? This shouldn’t be happening on the first day I’ve been using it (and I’ve been using it for under an hour) so I’m pretty worried. Any help or advice would really be appreciated.

The bearing being stuck happens with many new yoyos that is normal. Grabbing it with pliers and gently rocking back and forth should remove it.

And with the bearing removing the shield and cleaning the bearing in acetone then lightly lubricanting it will work wonders.

Pretty much what xxjohnsonxx said. Extra emphasis on lightly lubricating the bearing after cleaning. Make sure it’s dried of all acetone (or mineral turpentine or lighter fluid) and then apply a pin drop of lube. Sounds counter-intuitive to most beginners, but more lube will actually slow the bearing down and make it more responsive.


Send it back to where you got it from and ask for a new one. If you got it from YYE, they will hook you up with some excellent customer service.

I did this twice, once with my Glide (that was replaced due to ano problems and sharp bearing), and my brother’s Kilter (that wasn’t screwing on all the way, but they fixed it).

In this case it sounds like something got under the bearing… Such as a piece of dirt, tiny rock, hair, dust ,etc.

Get a YYF Bearing remover, or some pliers. and gently squeeze and then pull the bearing out. If there is something where the bearing sits, clean it out ( que-tip ) and then BEFORE you put the bearing back in check to see if it spins rough when out of the yoyo.

If its still rough out of the yoyo it needs to be cleaned. There is a guide under " The useful modification guides."