New to bearings & having issues

Hi peeps,

So I’ve been yoyoing for about 2 weeks now with a yoyojam counter attack. Despite being new to yoyoing I enjoyed how unresponsive it was. Long story short - I got a knot that required me to take my yoyo in half but when I put it back together it felt like the bearing was sticking & I was getting it to return with a flick of the wrist (not the reponsiveness that I fell in love with!). I took the bearing out & gave it a squirt of some lighter fluid (run dry?), this made it sleep fast but very noisy & it only lasted a couple of throws before it went back to feeling like the bearings were dragging. Any idea how I regain the lack of responsiveness?


Did you remove the shields when you cleaned it?

The Counter Attack is a YoYoFactory yoyo.

It probably also has spacers that are stuck to the bearing.

Remove the spacers:

Then clean the bearing properly:

Also, don’t crank the yoyo back together too tightly. Look for the alignment arrows once fairly snug, and then adjust tighter or looser from there.

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Yeah it had shields - I could only get one side off, pretty tough! I’ll give it another go & clean the bearing properly tomorrow & report back. I’ve been keeping the alignment arrows together as the standard setup so to see it go so far off what was a great throw for me as a beginner was a pain. Thanks for the advice though ;D

My thin lube arrived today - I cleaned the bearing, lubed it like I saw on the video & replaced it into my counter strike. It worked! Thanks guys - much happier with the yoyo now

Happy Throwing!