A comedy of errors.

I just broke my konkave ceramic bearing. It was in my shutter, that I have had for less than a month.

I’ve had problems with this yoyo since the beginning removing the bearing. When I got the yoyo, it played fine for an hour or so, then became very responsive. Like won’t sleep responsive. Looping responsive. More responsive than my mag 5 star.

Original Bearing:
I took the bearing out to clean it. It was tough to get out. Tried my yoyo tool, tried 1/4" bit, then froze it and was able to get it off with pliers (padded with a tshirt).

Cleaned the bearing, put it back in the yoyo. Life was good for a bit (week or so), then the yoyo became very responsive again. went through the same ordeal trying to get the bearing off, but after initial problem trying to remove it with the tool, froze it and was able to remove the bearing with the tool.

Figuring the yoyo was breaking in, I put in my konkave. Well, it became unresponsive again earlier. Went through the same ordeal, except the konkave outer shell literally snapped in half.

the inside of the bearing is still fused to the yoyo. It’s not coming off.

I’m just getting back into yo-yoing, and am still learning. What happened here? Did I do things improperly, or was it the yoyo?

Pliars aren’t good for bearings, but what happened to you is really rare. You just have to work it off unfortunatly.

I would most definitely agree. They were a last resort. That’s why I would like some feedback on anything I could have done differently.

I’m sure that if I keep buying yoyos I’ll face this problem again, and I hate to break something and not even learn from it.

Clean the bearing seat when you clean your bearings, and be patient with the tool. That’s pretty much it.

After fighting with the remains of my bearing, if I can’t get an exchange on the yoyo, I’m just throwing it away.

I just can’t see myself trusting it work another bearing

You probably won’t get an exchange, it’s not defective. Don’t throw it away it can be fixed. You can use some fine sand paper to trim down the bearing seat.

I’ll PayPal you the shipping to send it to whoever you want that’s willing to just sand down the bearing seat a bit instead of throwing it out. :wink:

I guess the big question now is what do I replace this with? I really like the feel of the shutter, and it must be predominately red, and under 150.
Any suggestions?

So it sounds like you just have the inner piece of the bearing stuck on the Shutter right? I would not give up on the yo-yo just for that, it happens sometimes if you break the bearing with pliers.

The easiest solution is to this problem that I have found (if you can’t get it off with a tool) is to just break it off. Grab a pair of vice grips and squeeze the end of the circular piece (squeeze past the bearing seat so you do not damage it) and it will just break off. Should break relatively easily with vice grips and should not cause any damage if you are careful.

Hope that helps! If you have any other issues just give us a call or send an email and we can talk you through it.


I’m sure that I can get the bearing off eventually, but there is no way I’m putting another one in it.

Did you purchase the yo-yo from us? If so you can send it in and we can take a look at it. We are usually able to file down the bearing seat enough to prevent bearings from getting stuck.

Just call or email to arrange the return.


reefguy, you can take Garrett up on his offer (which is sweet), or you can decide to not cut off your nose just to spite your face…

  1. Remove the inner piece per Garrett’s instructions

  2. Take a piece of fine- or ultra-fine sandpaper (600 grit is plenty fine… could get away with 350 if you’re not too aggressive) and sand around the outside of the seat, as evenly as possible all around. You should barely notice material coming off, but yet there should be SOME coming off or you’re not improving the seat.

That’s it. Low-tech, easy, and doesn’t require shipping stuff all around.

But yeah. Kudos to Garrett for offering to fix the problem even though it’s a simple DIY fix for anybody.

Freeze it in your fridge. Aluminum shrinks more than iron.

Garret, I did email you last night, a continuation of our previous conversation. I’ll resend it.

Kadabrium, did that each time.

Great! I don’t handle emails so I am not aware of the continuation of any conversation. I do handle all the repairs though so if you decide to send the yo-yo in to be fixed I will personally make sure no bearing will get stuck on it again. :wink:

Greg, thank you for the information. I may ends up doing that, but want to talk to yye first.

This actually happened to me too. The spec bearing that was on there was jammed on so tight that I ruined it getting it off. But I took the wet and dry sandpaper to the bearing seat, and eventually sanded enough away for the bearing to be able to get on and off like normal. No special tools required, just some fine sandpaper.

The shutter now plays really well - very impressed with it’s feel and stability.


This happened to me twice! Idk what it is about shutters, but never again. I got a refund and ordered a od gradient and am waiting for that. As for your answer, the shutters have had some problems with an overly tight bearing seat

I ended up sending mine back to yye to be fixed. When I was finally able to get the bearing wall off, it had been flared, and the bearing seat had quite a gouge in it. It was a bit more than I wanted to tackle for a new yoyo.
I’m glad I sent it in. Got to meet the people at yye, and was totally happy with their service. Got my shutter back and pretty much carry it pretty much daily