I have bought a few yoyos from YoyoExpert and I was mostly satisfied. However, Anglam 2012 came with an anodization error. I decided to ignore it, this was in early January. Now the yoyo has started to make a screeching sound and is very responsive. This is the last Yoyo I had that had a bearing that started doing it and I am very mad that I wasted 300 dollars for a B grade yoyo

Clean your bearing and lube it afterward.

I took apart the yoyo and the bearing wouldn’t come out, so I got pliers and tried and the inside of the bearing was stuck to the yoyo. It threaded the entire thing and there are literally metal shards sticking out

  1. Is it the bearing that is scored from trying to remove it?
  2. Have you taken the bearing out before?

You should throw up some images, this kinda sounds bad. Metal shards? :o

The bearing is totally ruined and so is the inside of the yoyo.
I have taken the yoyo apart but i do not think i’ve taken the bearing out

Some pics would be nice. If we know 100% what the issue is, then we can guide you better.

I would post a few pictures of the bearing, yoyo etc.
I would also contact YoYoExpert to see if they are able to do anything.

not great quality but here:,MibSY15,90AmBa3,oX2BPDv the bearing was broken. when i tried to take it out the outside of the bearing came off and the inside literally was stuck to the yoyo so i had to pull it off

That’s actually not that bad. Easily fixable. Get some 0000 grade steel wool and rub the damages with it, it should smooth out the areas.

then everything would be too small for the bearing/axle to fit. Half of this thing is stripped

Nah, it’ll fit fine. The steel wool is fine enough that if you were to continue rubbing it for hours, the parts would still fit fine. And by stripped do you mean the threads are stripped?

yes, and the some of the metal that the bearing sits on has been ripped up

that sounds awful. I would contact yoyoexpert right away.

All that damage is from your attempt at removing the bearing.  If a bearing is actually stuck pliers are not the correct tool.  If you are simply removing a bearing then pliers are okay, but sill not the correct tool.
You need a rod that fits tight into the inside diameter of the bearing.  If you don’t simply own one take a bearing with you too the hardware store and find something that fits people often use the backside of a drill bit.  But you should be able to find some bar stock the correct size.

At this point you did the damage, being worried about using sandpaper or steel wool seems a bit late.  They won’t harm the yoyo anything like using tool steel and gouging at the yoyo.  Which is what you already have done.

That being said, if you own and use a yoyo for a long time your bearing post will loose all of the ano, and reduce in size.  I have yoyos with post’s that look similar from just long term open and closing/removal of bearings.  I wouldn’t use sand paper really I would probably just take something and knock off the loose particles, and throw a bearing back in it and see if it plays bad.  I suspect if you get all the loose stuff off and put the bearing back on you will be fine.  Next time use the right tool, yoyofactorys bearing removal tool sucks so don’t expect that too be a substitute for a good fitting piece of bar stock.

Here is a video I made about this.  That bearing was stuck, it was hard to unscrew the throw.  If I had tried to use pliers the center of that would have stayed in the yoyo and I would have had a broken bearing.  At first I did what most people do and tried to lift it out while moving the rod.  As you can see that didn’t work and was not the correct technique.  What you need to do is rock the bearing in a side to side top too bottom way.  Circular works as well but is harder too do.  Which is what I did on the second attempt and as you can see from the video it popped right out.  I used to run a club kids would bring me yoyos with “stuck” bearing which they had already destroyed with pliers, every single time I took the center of the bearing out in this manner.  The one in my video was way harder then any of those where.  The right tool and knowing how too use it makes a huge difference.

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Hey Yordy, sorry you’re having problems with your Anglam. If you’d like we can send out a new replacement bearing, free of charge, or if you want to send it in for us to take a look at then i’m sure we can get your yo-yo back in working order.

Send us an email or give us a call and we can help you out.


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