Help - stuck YYF bearing


Guys please dont think this is spamm i just registered here and i need some help with my yoyo
it is weird acting can i ask in this topic ‘‘general’’ about that help i want to ask?
or if not guide me please to the right category

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Your fine! Generally, this should be posted in "Looking for Help/Recommendation, but it may be applicable here, depending on the subject you need help with. What is it you need help with?

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i was going to change the bearing of my yo yo so i took some old players and was working on the bearing to take it out! then it cracked in half but its ok i don’t care about it, BUT the thing which is in the middle of the bearing got stuck! me my dad and my brother tried to take it out with players and it does not even move! and this yo yo is a yo yo factory 60$ its not little money! please help me take this thingy out u can see it is circled in with red pen

Regards SnipeR


I think a modded might be able tp do it.

(CaribouNick) #5

You get a pair of pliers and crush it.
It should crack on one side and break.


Try putting it in the freezer for half an hour.

Since the metals are different, they shrink at a different rate, hopefully making the fit looser :slight_smile:

If not, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to keep trying with the pliers.

Best of luck.


Is the axle on that side? If not, find a bolt or some type or strong metal. Stick it in the axle hole and start trying to wiggle it off. It may help to leave it in the freezer for a while and then try it.


Basically you broke all the bearing but the middle…

Stick it in the freezer for half a hour, then try.

Or, try using a Vise Grip. A lot if people have gotten super stuck bearings out with vise grips…


Buy a new bearing, because that one is done.

Just use pliers and rip it out. That one is toast.

BTW, what yoyo is that? That might explain a lot. You’re going to want to take the anodizing off the bearing seat to give you a bit more room. Bearings should not be death grip tight. I’m fine with snug and even having to use a bearing puller, but not “death grip” tight.


If you have a set of drill bits, find one where the smooth end fits comfortably into the that part of the bearing. Then, just wiggle back and forth and the inner bearing race should come out.


You should contact YYF. This probably happened due to their death grip bearing seats. By the way, what yoyo is it?


King yo star yoyo

so plz help me


Another thought would be to freeze the yoyo for an hour or two and the try again.


YoYoFactory makes many yoyos. That is a model I don’t recognize(which might mean it’s a model I didn’t care for). What model is it? Some yoyos are more notorious than others for gripping the bearing way too tight.

In short, your bearing is no more, dead. You’ll need to replace it after you get the remaining inner race out of your yoyo. Order a new CBC CenterTrac.

Just use pliers and tear it out. If you want, you can shove it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and then try to rip that out. Once it is out, you want to use a file or some sandpaper to remove the anodizing where the inner race was stuck. That should be sufficient for the bearing to now sit “snug” but not “Death grip” tight.


i looked very carefully inside it it is glued??? this piece of bearing is glued?? what should i do?



I’m pretty sure that isn’t a YYF.

(Erik Kerber ) #17

ok im no big expert here but you could take like a pin or needle somthing sharp and pointy that will work to scrape awy as much glue as you can and see if that loosens it enough to get it out with plyers


oh nvm then. You said it was Yoyofactory so I thought it was YYF.


It’s glued? Who glued it? I’m starting to doubt whether this is a YYF, because to my knowledge, they don’t glue their bearings (nor do any company I know of). You’ll have to find a way to get the glue off. Maybe melt it off?

Oh yeah, you don’t have to post this same thread a bunch of times. I promise, we’ll help you! :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind, it isn’t a YYF. Why did you tell us it was?


This is the first I heard about glued in bearings…