Please help me to fix this

i was going to change the bearing of my yo yo so i took some old players and was working on the bearing to take it out! then it cracked in half but its ok i don’t care about it, BUT the thing which is in the middle of the bearing got stuck! me my dad and my brother tried to take it out with players and it does not even move! and this yo yo is a yo yo factory 60$ its not little money! please help me take this thingy out u can see it is circled in with red pen

Regards SnipeR

I advise playing it in the freezer for a bit and then trying again, if you can try to use some cloth between the pliers and the throw so it doesn’t get scratched up; and also try “walking” it off as opposed to pulling directly up.

it is sitting so hard there!!!

Again, try the freezer for about ten minutes and try again. If you’re still having trouble try the freezer and some carefully placed lubricant. Outside of of attempting to break the inner race, which is what is stuck, if you can’t get a bearing removal tool down into the inner race you’ll have to keep trying if you’re into getting it done quickly by yourself or hope that yyf can can help you out. Also, while you’re at it delete your other threads that are exact copies of this.