Please help me to fix this

i was going to change the bearing of my yo yo so i took some old players and was working on the bearing to take it out! then it cracked in half but its ok i don’t care about it, BUT the thing which is in the middle of the bearing got stuck! me my dad and my brother tried to take it out with players and it does not even move! and this yo yo is a yo yo factory 60$ its not little money! please help me take this thingy out u can see it is circled in with red pen

Regards SnipeR

Your inner race got stuck. Try using the end of a drill it inside the race. Or, try freezing it. Or, try rapping something grippy around i, then use pliers.

too many posts about this…

Just really pull with pliers.
And that looks like a YYR overdrive to me, its NOT a yoyofactory.
And the name of the yoyo isn’t yoyofacotry, thats the name of the brand.