embarrassing question

Umm, i got my legacy and i love it and all, but… i cant seem to remove the bearing… like its stuck on the half of the yo yo… like it spins and stuff but its like really stuck there… help? ???

All YYJ bearings are like that. Just use a pair of pliers to gently wiggle it out.

Ah… ok thanks, I wasnt sure if that would break it If i forced it. Because later i might changed the bearing you know? =)

Personally, I use a set of slip joint pliers to wiggle the bearing out. I also take a paper towel and double it up about 4-6 times to provide a cushion between the two metals. I put the bearing in the circular part of the pliers (red arrows in the picture) to distribute pressure around the circumference, as opposed to small points of pressure (I imagine it prevents warping)

hey brick me an you do the same thing ha ha.