Stuck bearing

I have a stuck bearing in my yyf yoyo it wont come out no matter what i do i put it in the freezer in the microwave and used pliers (have a yyf multi tool). I even tried pulling it out but it wont budge not even a bit. Please help me!!!

Same advice we’ve been giving.

1: How long did you put it in the freezer? Don’t even joke about the microwave. I hear a half an hour is where to start. BTW, what model is it? Many YYF’s are tight, claiming a performance issue. Some are more renown for this trait.

2: The YYF multi-tool is a good start. It’s a pretty good bearing puller. I’d start with that. I also have a regular bearing puller that came with my DiBase. Because it’s longer, it works a bit better. Either way, patience is very here. It can take time. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Side to side, rotate 90 degrees, side to side. Rotate 45, wiggle, wiggle, rotate 90,wiggle, wiggle. Just keep at it. It can take time.

3: The pliers should been seen as a last ditch solution for many. This is mostly because too many people destroy bearings by crushing them in the pliers. If one is careful and has line pliers, this risk greatly declines.

Another question many people want to know is why do you need to remove it? There’s plenty of valid reasons: lube, cleaning, swap it, just feel like it. The reason isn’t quite as important, but of there is no valid reason to remove the bearing, maybe it should be avoided.

Alright so the model is a yyf superstar john ando edition and i put it in the freezer for about 5 min. The pliers didnt work and im trying to take out the bearing because i want to replace it with a flat one since i dont really like center tracs that much. Also the yyf multi tool isnt working that great either its not really doing anything how long does it usually take??

Wiggle with the pliers, don’t pull. Pulling will get you no where.

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Try a half an hour in the freezer. That’s sufficient time to coool things down.

Removing can take anywhere from seconds to minutes.

My SuperStar is doing great. I haven’t had a need to take it apart.

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I put it in the freezer and it still didnt work heres a video. I went at it for 10 min before i made the video.

You need more leverage. A longer bearing puller might be in order.

Depending on your pliers, that might be the best option. Also, if you wouldn’t mind, lay a cloth down for your work area so you can avoid scratching it up.

alright ill try looking for a cloth and better pliers thanks.

ok i found some pliers that are seem pretty good and have a circle thing to fit around the bearing however i have tried and the bearing is still stuck :-[ i dont know what the bearing hasnt even budged.

Pop it back in the freezer. Wrap the towel around the half so you get a better grip and work fast.

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alright sounds good