Urgent! PLease reply in the next hour!

I’m trying to clean my friend’s bearing. But I can’t get it out of the bearing seat. It is so tight. The yoyo is a Magic yoyo T6 superbow or something and I am using a YYF Multitool. Any suggestions?

You may need pliers, I did with a recent bearing of mine that I wanted to change out. They may damage the bearing, and they may not. I didn’t see any damage when I did it but I have heard that it hurts bearings. Other than that put it in the freezer for thirty minutes and try again. And just work the tool a lot, maybe it’ll budge. I used a shirt over my multitool to make it easier to grab and move while I was still trying to get the bearing off that way.

Hope you get it off!

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Not working for some reason.

So you need the answer real quick, before he finds out you screwed up his yoyo? :wink:


Don’t worry I got out out and cleaned it. Thank you everyone for your help.

Your name is misleading…


Just for future reference, If a bearing is ever seriously stuck, putting the yoyo in the freezer for 30 minutes or so should do the trick. The coldness causes the inside of the bearing seat to contract, which allows the bearing to come out much easier.

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Thankyou, I noticed this helped.

I’ve heard that before (or at least something along the lines of it). This is my name because it is my aim. Oh! I’m a poet and I don’t even know it…

Then call yourself wannabeskiledyo-yoist…