Help stuck ballbearing


Yyf g funk
I tried using a yoyo factory tool but still won’t come out


Keep wiggling away with the multi-tool. It’ll come out eventually. If not, it might be time to use a pair of pliers. Just take care not to squeeze too hard.



I tried both methods but it still didn’t come off plus does it matters of it brand new


Not really. Sometimes bearings are just tricky to remove, sometimes they aren’t, even within the same model. Strange that it’s not coming out with pliers. I read a trick somewhere that you could chuck it in the freezer for a short while and the metals would expand or shrink or something (is not a scientist) and make it easier to remove. That might be worth a try.



YYF yoyos are known to have tight bearing seats. Instead of wiggling side to side, try wiggling in a circular motion. That way the bearing doesnt get pushed down when it’s only getting moved side to side.

Good luck


yeah if you put in the freezer for a while it should help. When you put the throw I there the metal should shrink.


yeah, some bearings are just stubborn. my friend got a stampede with a defective bearing, and to get it out he had to literally destroy the bearing. there was only like scraps left when he was done…

(Owen) #8

One time i had to wiggle it fro a half hour, you have to have persiverence


i destoryed my ball bearing but the center is left behide and it is very hard to take out


Did you put it in the freezer? thats all I can think of. The yoyo should shrink faster than the ball bearing causing a gap


Well now you can just grab it with a pliers and work it off.
Or try a small screw driver under two sides and pry gently.