Seriously bearings, what's up?


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well… this is a YYF ONE.
i’ve spinned for some time, now the bearing is at the wrong side? is that ok, ir will i gez any deseases for that?


The bearing should be able to come out of the yoyo completely, and it does not matter which side of the yoyo it is in.


thanks for the quick reply, but how can i remove the bearing now?


You can use pliers if you are very careful that you don’t damage the bearing. I always use the YoYoFactory Multi-tool instead of pliers. It’s available here:

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I always use pliers and I haven’t damaged any bearings or yoyos. Get a firm grip on the outside of the bearing with the pliers without squeezing hard then gently wiggle it for a while.

Sometimes it takes a minute, but the wiggling is what gets it to loosen and pop out, force has never been necessary for me. If it is seriously stuck you can try putting it in the freezer for about half an hour since aluminum and steel shrink at different rates.

The two main things are that you don’t let the pliers scratch your yoyo and that you don’t bend/crush your bearing. I’ve heard that yyf yoyos are notorious for having tight bearing seats.


We are talking about a plastic yoyo here.


these tips are good, gonna mind them when i’ll get an aluminium yoyo:)