bearing removal

i have been trying to get my bearing out and i am having alot of trouble any seggestions on how to get it out

depending on if you have a metal yoyo or not, you can one put the half in the freezer for 5 mins or so then use a set of pliers with the wire cutting part firmly grip the bearing and move the yoyo and bearing side to side until the bearing comes free, or if you have a plastic yoyo just do the part with out the freezer.

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k i will try that

just wondering what would puting it in the frezzer do?

most metals contract when cooled and since aluminum contracts faster than steel the post will get smaller (you cant see it, its such a small change) its easier to take the bearing off

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I really don’t recommend putting it in the freezer. Just use a pair of pliers, and use the very back of them, and squeeze the handles together very firmly, and wiggle the pliers while pulling a little, and it should come out. I don’t think the freezer idea is a very good idea. :wink:

well it works and it doesnt hurt anything

Well, it shrinks the yoyo and make the bearing slide out. If you want your yoyo perfectly fine, just use pliers and take it out. It’s not that hard and no need to shrink the yoyo. It is really worthless to put it in the freezer and let it shrink.

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You do realize that you are only shrinking the yo-yo by a couple thousands of an inch, x52? That tolerance that is completely unnoticeable to the eye. You seem to imply that by doing that your yo-yo is going to shrivel up or some other terrible thing is going to happen if you put it in the freezer. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is completely fine to use that method and I recommend it.

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I think it’s fine that you like the method, but why put it in the freezer for 5 minutes and then take it out with pliers, when you could just take it out with pliers and it will come out perfectly fine? Plus, anyways like you told me it only freezes like a thousandth of an inch. But that’s just what I think. :wink:

I had to put the pulleys on my Taig lathe myself. They were an extremely tight fit, just like some bearing posts. To get them on it was recommended to heat the pulleys up with hot water. After running them under hot water for a minute to heat them up the slid on perfectly.

It is the same thing with bearing posts. Sometimes they can be larger than they should be. This causes the bearing to get stuck on the post, often to the point where pliers can not get the bearing off without crushing the bearing. Such times make it absolutely necessary to freeze the yo-yo to safely get the bearing off.

If you don’t mind breaking in your bearing again, I put some thin lube between the bearing and spacers, then use pliers. Makes it slipperier.

Sometimes freezing it is your only choice and I totally agree with you. I was just saying in general that the bearing is not always super jammed in the bearing slot, and you could just simply use pliers and pull it out.

there is nothing wrong with the freezer idea. the alum contracts as a quicker rate and more drastically than the steel of your bearing (only a small decimal of an inch is correct) which should be more than enough to release seized steel. the alum as well as the steel of your bearing will return to their original size when they both return to room temp (again only a small decimal of an inch larger, you will never be able to see the change).