New yoyo Bearings

Does it happen to anyone where the bearing on a new bought yoyo is in so tight that a bearing removal tool cant get it out?

is that bad?

Yes, it happens on certain manufacturers yoyos. Try sticking it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. Remove it, from freezer. Attempt to wiggle the bearing off with the tool again.

If, and when, you get it off, try getting a piece of sandpaper and running it around the part of the yoyo that runs through the bearing. It will make it slightly more loose so it can be removed easily next time.

Sorry to threadjack. Would this work with a stuck axle as well? (the hex key hole is not pointing out, pliers don’t work)

It’s possible. You may still need to use the pliers though.

no it probably wont’ work with an axle, most axles are steel or stainless steel, while most yoyos are Aluminium, which shrinks faster than steel which is why it loosens the bearing seat for stainless steel bearings putting it in the freezer. Putting it in the freezer will only make the axle tighter.

Heating it up would make it more tight, since the Al would expand. Making it cold the yoyo will shrink on itself, since the molecules are moving closer together. It won’t wrap tighter around the axle.

Use the double-nut method with stuck axles. Screw two nuts onto the axle and use a pair of pliers to grab the bottom nut. It will catch on the top nut and you’ll be able to unscew the axle without damaging the threads.

by the Al shrinking faster than the Steel the hole the axle is in will shrink.

No. The aluminum will shrink upon ITSELF. It will molecules will move closer to each other in the same material, meaning they will move AWAY from the outside. Outside meaning, outer rims and axle hole. Axle hole will stretch away from the axle toward the inner parts of the aluminum.

Look at my crude painting so you can visualize it.

Cold yoyo: Left
Hot yoyo: Right

Molecules spreading out (hot) will expand the aluminum, therefore causing the axle hole to get smaller.
Molecules contracting (cold) will shrink the aluminum upon itself.

Best drawing ever.

I design yoyos, obviously.

Thank you so much, MiamiBuddah and Papo. I’ll definitely give it a shot in the freezer then.

Also thanks to link. That sounds like a really good method. I’ll try that first :slight_smile:

May I ask: what yoyo is it?

Indeed you may. DMII :slight_smile:

It won’t work as well then since it’s plastic, but the bearing seat is still aluminum so you should get some help from the freezer.