I Couldn't Unscrew My Yo-Yo! Yo-Yo Popsicle Trick


I decided to lube all my YYE Editions/Colorway throws, because I rarely throw them and keep them nice, but I didn’t want the bearings to be sitting rarely used with no lube in them. So, I decided to put a drop of lube in them all, and throw them a bit to work it in, then sit them back in the case. One of the yo-yos in the case would not unscrew. Several of them were tighter than I would screw them, but this one could not be unscrewed. I have a pair of work gloves with rubber in the palm area, and I put those on for a better grip. I had a nice grip on it, and it still would not unscrew.

I had some ideas, and I had even tried spraying Jigaloo in there to see if it would work to get it unscrewed. I contacted mgiroux77, YoyoExpert and the yo-yo manufacturer because I became obsessed with getting it apart. All responded very quickly. I contacted mgiroux77 first, and he suggested that I put it in the freezer. It sounded like fun, so I tried it. After about 45 minutes, I took it out, and I unscrewed it easily. I was amazed. I fought to get the bearing out a tad after that, but it was not a big deal with use of the YYF multitool. The ano rubbed off around the axle hole from being so tight, but I was happy just to get it apart . I was happy this worked and want to share it with others. Put it in the freezer, it worked like a charm.

Thanks mgiroux77…you saved me!! I’m telling you folks, he is never involved in a popularity contest, as he posts when he is interested or feels needed, and he has helped me the most on here. He seems to do it “undercover” a lot too. I like your style mgiroux77, a real Forum Expert. Great guy!


This is where I am blushing and running into the corner…

HAHA Glad it worked out for you!!! Just wondering though. What advice did you get from YYE and YYF on the matter?? It would be interesting to know what they had to say.


Well YYFBen was more than glad to help, and offered a solution and such, but by the time I checked my messages for replies, it was after the throw was out of the freezer. So, I told him to disregard, that I was all set now. I told Yoyoexpert that he could hit me up anytime this week, that it was no rush, and I just wanted to know if he had some tips. I called him off too, because this trick worked. So I don’t know what they would have proposed, because I told them to disregard. They both responded very quickly…on a Sunday at that. ;D I was having a fit over here, and honestly, while I thought the cold freezer might cause the metal to contract, I wasn’t banking on it contracting enough. I was astonished when it worked. And it is a solution to use, without damaging the yo-yo. I wrapped it in a paper towel and put it in the freezer for about 45 minutes. It was cool to feel a cold yo-yo (no pun intended). :smiley: Thanks again, you’re great!!


Most of the time, the tightness of the bearing has a lot to do with unscrewing and screwing a yoyo together. I had a yoyo with a bearing seat so tight, I was afraid it would strip while screwing together. If it was the axle, the freezer method would not have actually worked, since aluminum shrinks faster than steel, the axle would become tighter. I think it was because the bearing seat shrank just enough so the yoyo could be unscrewed. Anyway, I met him at NER, awesome guy!