I’ve read about people resorting to putting their yoyo’s in the freezer for a while when they can’t get the bearing out. I’ve got a Magic T5 Overlord and, over the course of about a month, I’ve spent half an hour trying to get the concave bearing out. I’ve used probably 5 different wrenches and pliers by now and it doesn’t look like it’s moving anytime soon. So does freezing your yoyo really work? And are there any other methods that you consider your “last resort”? Please help because this thing has been annoying me since I first bought it.
Note: I need a way to get the bearing out without damaging it or the yoyo. Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes it works, the aluminum gets colder faster so it contracts more than steel or ceramics. Just put it in for like 10-15 min and try to remove the bearing, it should be much easier.


Alright cool, never knew that. Imma try it out and see if it helps :D.


I had that issue with the t8, but around a month it just popped off one day. I do keep my room super cold so that could have been it. I think it might be a magic yoyo thing.


Just tried it out and it worked! Just took a couple seconds of intense wiggling and it popped right out! One more question though: Is it smart to clean it now or should I just continue to play it the way it came because I’m pretty sure that it’s been broken in by now.


clean the bearing or yoyo? I assume the yoyo. There’s no harm in it if you lighter fluid and make sure it completely evaporates. I would only clean it if it’s responsive. If it’s nosy, that’s honestly not that bad. Actually means good bearings. :slight_smile: Unless it’s like, ear splitting.


So I read about the freezer option on this thread. I then awhile later, tried to remove the bearing stuck onto my tool, with sheer force even with pliers, I was unable to successfuly remove the jammed bearing. I then remembered reading this thread just then and left it in the freezer for about 8 minutes, took it out and WOW magic! Came off like the wind.


Think this would work with spacers? Because I my proto and shaqler have those spacer things ON the bearing and I want to change bearings.


If the spacers are the same type of metal as the bearings, then it should work.