YYF bearing?

My yyf bearing wont come off on my dv888 when i use pliers what should i do

well what pliers are you using you need needle nose pliers to take it off. also wiggle it and pull at the same time.

I recommend regular pliers actually. You can get more surface area on the bearing.

Make sure to squeeze pretty hard and wiggle back and forth some if it doesn’t come right away.

Needle nose or regular, doesn’t really matter as you should be using the little circular indent anyway. Tyler will show you how to do it.

As an added extra to make it even easier you can throw the half with the bearing in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and dont worry this doesnt affect the yoyo or bearing at all.

Let’s take a moment to consider what is in the freezer, you have food, popsicles, and Ice. Ice= Moisture.
Only use the method above if you can put your yoyo in a Ziptop baggie. The moisture in the freezer can get into a bearing and really screw it up. Good method, but just don’t flatout put your yoyo in a freezer. Use a little plastic sandwich bag as protection

Freezers actually have less moisture than normal outside air. In my house, if you leave the freezer open for too long and then close it you will be surprised with what you find. The next time you open it you will find that it has snowed in the freezer. Why? It is because you added extra moisture from the outside air. The problem isn’t the freezer. It is very dry in there. The problem is condensation when you remove the yo-yo from the freezer.

You shouldn’t have to put it in a freezer in the first place… Removing bearings is not rocket science.

Sometimes it is necessary. I’ve even had a few that I had to freeze them. No big deal. Mrcnja is right. There is less moister in the freezer than anywhere else in the house.

Think about it. When it’s hot out side and they talk about how humid it is, that is moister. But in the winter when it’s cold, colder than say 40 degrees, they talk about how dry the aiur is. You never hear someone say “Dang it’s cold and humid”. lol

Rocket science? No. Necessary under certain circumstances? Yes.

Besides, if you lube it like you are suposed to then a little moister isn’t going to hurt anything. Heck, I’ve even yoyo’d in the rain and that bearing is fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Quinton fails again, what else is new? ::slight_smile:

Ok umm what size is a small bearing? A perhaps? Idk.