YYF Shutter Bearing Stuck


Yah the title pretty much covers it i bought a Shutter recently and was going to change the response and clean the bearing but i cant get the bearing out i tried almost everything its stuck in there pretty good and i dont want to mess up the yoyo please help

(Rock Shouse) #2

When I had this problem…I had to stick the yoyo in the freezer for 1/2 hour and then it came right off.


Thankyou Ill try that


That doesn’t sound okay for the bearing.


I’ve done it many times, never hurts the bearing. Unless the bearing has water in it already, it’s not going to freeze anything.


Alright, we’re seeing a lot of threads like this so I’mma put it out there. A step by step guide to bearing removal success.

  1. Get a 1/4 inch drill bit.
  2. Stick the flat end (NOT THE POINTY SIDE) into the center of the bearing.
  3. Wiggle drill bit in a circular motion gently, applying pressure to the rim of the bearing as you go.
  4. ???
  5. Enjoy your empty bearing seat.

At times this can take a few minutes, all seats are not created equal. So if you have to wiggle for 10 minutes, so be it; But it will come out without the use of pliers mangling the bearing track.

(Edited bit size, whoops)


1/4 inch, no?


1/4 inch…yes.

1/2 inch would be the exact outer diameter of a C bearing. The I.D. Is .250(1/4).

Ps… Also realize that the drill bit method only works if the bearing is stuck on the side without the axle in it.

Do Not use pliers. Using anything that grips the outer race of the bearing, can mess up the bearing cage.

The freezer method works often, simply because aluminum reacts to heat or Cold, 5 times faster than most steels.


Thanks ill try all of these any more ideas appreciated :smiley:


Whoops. Yeah. 1/4th inch.

Also, YYF yoyos, if your bearing is stuck on the axle side, most axles are removable with a hex key.


Just remember, whatever you do; be careful. It is better to fix something slowly than screw it up Quickly.