[SOLVED] Unable to remove YYF Shutter w/ Multi Tool

I am currently unable to remove my YYF Shutter’s bearing using the multi tool or some pliers I have with me. The axle does not have the hole facing out and is in the side that the bearing is on. How can I try to take this off?

EDIT (8:05 AM CST 3/11/15): I was able to get the bearing out. I attempted a method I had long forgotten and no one actually seems to know about before attempting others. There is a space between the bearing and the yo-yo around the edge, all I did was apply lube to the small opening and the bearing popped out immediately. Thanks for all the advice I received from everyone, and will make sure to keep these methods in mind.

Those bearing tools only work for bearing that are not stuck. Get a metal rod that fits snugly into the bearing. Like a drill bit.
You can just buy bar stock at any hardware store but it might be harder to find the perfect size.

I’m not sure in detail, what technique you used with the pliers, but it has to come out with revising your efforts. When you use pliers, try using a set with the rubber handles, or use a damp rag that might give you a better grip on the pliers. Also, when you’re holding the yo-yo half, use something with a better grip than your bare hand, like a rubber glove, leather glove, something like that. I find that when you use something with a secure grip, in both hands, it gives you better strength and leverage to pull the bearing out. The last time I tried this method, it worked great for me. It even allowed me to get the bearing out without ruining the bearing, and I did not slip and damage the yo-yo half. I pulled the bearing out, and I was able to reuse it, with no problem. You’ll be able to get the bearing out, just take your time. :slight_smile:

Remember when using pliers to gently rock back and forth. Don’t rush and it’ll come off eventually.

Put your yoyo in the freezer for about 15 min and it should come out easier

Use a rag or double up an old shirt to wrap around the bearing and you can squeeze harder on the pliers without ruining the bearing. Rock the pliers back and forth while pulling up on the bearing. At least that’s what works for me on my yoyos, including my Shutter which was in the same position as yours, bearing on same side as axle with wrong side of axle sticking out, when I took it apart the first time. You might try that, hope it helps.

Tried this once. Didn’t work (got it fixed now, but I remember when I did it! ::))

It works lol, cant argue with the science behind it

On the freezer method, I had one throw where it worked well, and another throw where it didn’t work at all. I think it’s a good alternative to consider. The more methods you know, the more options you have, because you never know what might end up working out best.

freezer method is normally just flat out done wrong so it doesn’t work. You have too catch it at the point where the aluminum has reduced in size but the steel hasn’t, yet. If you wait too long or too short they will still be fused.
Its hard too say how long because of various conditions that can effect it. so just pop it in. let it sit for a few minutes. pull it out and test. till it pops out. Still you are going too want a tight fit on the bearing removal tool.
A proper tool is all you really need though.

I’m reluctant to ask the Op whether they have tried Vice Grips or not?

It sounds like you may need to use Vice Grips and one of these to hold the Yo-Yo in place…


The vice is overkill. If you can’t hold it in your hand firmly enough there’s probably something physically wrong with you that needs attention. Same for using vice grips.

Merely trying to help! Thats all. If the method I have described doesn’t work…, I’d say the Yo-Yo is about ready for the trash.

Freezer method usually works for me with the YYF death grip spacers so try that otherwise be patient with the pliers it should come out with enough gentle wiggling

Science sometimes ticks me off. Sometimes there is that exception in science, and this is that. ::slight_smile: