Bearing stuck in shutter


My bearing in my shutter hast been not spinning very long, so I want to take it out. So I got my bearing remover and it WOULD NOT come out. So I got some pliers it still wouldn’t budge. I’ve tried putting it in the freezer and other stuff like that. Is their any other way to get it out or do I have to play it like it is?


Ok: I have had the same problem with many of my YYF throws. You can actually remove it with your bearing remover, it just takes some patience.

What you need to do is place your remover into the bearing and push it firmly on and angle, rotate the yoyo, then do it again. Keep repeating this process, and eventually, you will feel the bearing begin to lift and finally come out. Give it a shot! :slight_smile:


Try adding some patience and you’ll get it


I have had many death grip bearings I have found a way that works 100% of the time for me if done correctly.
I’ve only used gun lube so other lube results may vary.

  1. put small drop against inner side where the bearing and the seat meet.
  2. You can let it sit and work itself in for about 15 min.
  3. Our you can use your tool and go around or wiggle it to get lube to go in faster.
  4. After you let it settle for a bit use tool again rock it back and forth in all directions it should wiggle free.
  5. Clean lube off seat area

I’ve done this more than 15 times works every time
The whole thing should take 10-30 minutes hope this helps good luck