Yoyofactory multi-tool Problems

Hey guys, so here’s the deal. I bought a yoyo factory shutter, and I wanted to replace the current bearing with a konkave bearing. As you know, it’s hard to take the bearing off of a shutter without a multi-tool. At the time, I didn’t have the tool. So I bought one. Once I received it, I used it right away. I managed to get the bearing out, but it got stuck on the tool! I tried to take it off with fingers but it obviously didn’t work. I also tried plyers, but that didn’t work etither. IM STUMPED!!! PLS HELP MEH!!!11

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Put the bearing and the tool in the freezer for 10 minutes and then try to get it off with pliers. Don’t put too much pressure on the bearing when trying to remove it or you’ll completely destroy it. Just grip it tight enough and wiggle back and forth until it pops off.

Maybe try putting a drop of lube in between the multi-tool and the bearing? Worth a try if nothing else works

Note: I’ve never had this problem before and so I cannot guarantee that the above method would help.

I had this problem with my horizon :c. I did do some lube in it and just let it sat for a while. And after trying through out the day i got it off. Now i just use my shirt and use it to grab the bearing and the multi tool so I don’t hurt my fingers and I have gotten it off every time that way. But it may that the bearing might have gotten alittle looser. GL!

Hey guys! Here’s the deal. So one day I oredered a shutter with a konkave bearing. When I got it, i did everything u would do when u get a new yoyo. When I wanted to replace the bearing, I got my yoyo factory tool and tried to get the bearing out and I did. Later on I started to not play with my shutter and I wanted to get the konkave bearing out. I tried, but the tool got stuck and is still stuck to one the halfs of my shutter. I Can’t get it with my hands or pliers. What do I do? PLS PLS PLS HALP MEH MACHU OUT

Look at this: Bearing stuck on Multitool?

Or, use a vice and a center punch. Open the vice enough so that the bearing center race rests on the jaws and the multi-tool hanging below it. Use the cent punch and a jammer to LIGHTLY tap the tool post out of the bearing.