YYF Shutter bearing stuck


I just can’t remove this darn bearing off my Shutter.
I tried using pliers and all of my strength but that achieved nothing except damage the bearing. Now the bearing is unusable.
Why in the world is it so tight!? I need help. :’(


Had the same problem with mine!!

I finally got it out by rocking back and forth with pliers. It killed the bearing and scratched the seats up.
I contacted yoyofactory and they were nice enough to send me some bearings and a multi tool.

(I broke one before I got the pliers…)


Thanks, but I still can’t get it off. My hand is in agony and the bearing looks as if a dog had chewed on it. I contacted YYF, so hopefully they can get back to me soon.

EDIT: They responded. They basically told me to do what I was trying to do for the last few hours

EDIT 2: After many hours of struggling, I found the perfect pair of pliers (wire cutter, rather)! The bearing sits in that little recess perfectly, and I was able to wiggle it out.
rip in peace spec bearing


Eww…I was thinking of changing out mine to get a longer spin time. Now I’m not so sure…

Does their multi-tool work on it or should I get a pair of needle-nose pliers?


You might end up breaking the multi tool if it’s really stuck. If you’re going to replace the bearing and don’t mind ruining the original one then just use pliers and save the tool from possibly being broken


Get some linesman’s or combination pliers. That way, you can fit the bearing in the gap (see above) and remove it with a little bit of wiggling.
My bearing is screwed up because I tried to use slip-joint and regular needle-nose pliers.
Moral of the story - If your YYF suffers from the infamous “death-grip,” get the removal tool or combination pliers! :wink:


I really think yyf need to either find a better way of sitting the bearing (like onedrop), or make the bearing seats just a tad bit smaller so that they don’t fit in the bearing so overly tight. You would figure with all the people complaining and destroying bearings and seats, that they would try and change something… Idk…


Cover the bearing with a piece of cloth like T-shirt cloth and then use the pliers and it won’t get chewed up.