I Just Got My YoyoFactory MultiTool In The Mail


As you can see that I just got my multi-tool in the mail. There is just one problem, I haven’t used anything like it. I try to get my magicyoyo’s bearing out, but it would work. I’ve been trying to pop it out, but I can’t. I also have a Shutter yoyo, and a Horizon, and I tried to get there bearings out to, but I can’t seem to. Is there anything special I have to do in order to get it out?

(If the image comes up, if this is any help)

(InvaderDust) #2

try putting the yoyo with the bearings thats stuck on them in the freezer for 20 mins, then try the bearing removal tool (metal cylinder), seat it down as far as it can go and gently rock it back and fourth while pulling away. This should do the trick.

YYF has deathgrip bearing seats. Cold really helps.


I have never had the problem to this extent in the 5 years I’ve yoyoed but I hear a lot of people that do… Arm muscles of steel or lucky?
Probably the latter :stuck_out_tongue:


My horizon holds bearings in like a mofo!


YYF multitool’s removal tool really sucks imo. Especially since they never do the job for… YOYOFACTORY YOYOS.

Pliers work much better. Try the freezer for 20 minutes like invaderdust stated, that helps too

(rizkiyoist) #6

Better bearing remover would be the rod ones or the YYR one.
To remove the bearing, make sure to remove the axle first. Insert the remover then wiggle back and forth, it will come out. Don’t pull, it won’t work.


YYF Multi Tools are easy to use once you know the proper technique. Just place the multi tool in the bearing and rock back and forth, do not pull. The bearing will start to work it’s way off as you leverage it back and forth.

These multi tools are pretty much all I use and I haven’t had a problem removing any bearings. If it’s really really stuck you can try gripping the tool with pliers for extra leverage, but you will risk damaging/breaking the tool this way.


that is good to know. I imagined at the YYE workshop there were all sorts of fancy gadgets and bearing tools. Nice to see I’m using the same tool as the experts. However, the tool geek in me really likes the idea of the yoyorecreation tool:

That said, a transparent yellow YYF tool is what I have in my maintenance kit.

(InvaderDust) #9

Dude, seriously, GET IT!

its is SOOooooooooo worth it. I absoltuley adore mine. Its flawless and built like the space shuttle spliced with the power/strength a tank.

Watch how easily it takes out a bearing that was DEATHGRIPPED. No freezer, no pliars. ZERO struggle.


That video was the best testament I could have asked for. It seems from the reviews and video this is a good tool. It just moved higher on my short list.

(InvaderDust) #11

Before you buy it youll be all like “mmmmm, i dunno.”

After you buy it youll be all like “that was dumb. i have other bearing removers”

Then you use it the first time and your all “Whoa!! That was too easy.” and youll look at it a little differently.

theafter your 5th or so extraction youll be so thankful you own it youll wonder why it wasnt bought ALOT earlier. The only downfall is if the bearing falls on the axle side. If that happens you have to remove the axle first. But for full ceramic, gold, plat, or any boutique bearings, the YYR removal tool is simply the best. I very rarely say anything is the best, but this one gets that title. Its simply unmatched.