Bearing replacement

I just got a yoyofactory mystery box 2012 and I got one of the boxes worth over 200$. The a avante garde and the catalyst’s bearings wouldn’t come off. Anything I can do? ???

That’s the normal yoyofactory death grip

There’s several posts on this in the mods and maintenance section if you take a look

I’ve heard freezing the yoyo helps but haven’t had a problem using my pliers personally.

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I was a firm believer in pliers til I had a problem with my avant garde. Tried the freezer thing didn’t work. Tried really hard with pliers and actually to get it off I took some tool and crushed the crap out of the bearing to get it off haha. Yoyo was fine but the bearing was in a million pieces.

Multitool, allen wrench are both foolproof. Pliers work fine as long as you use them properly and wiggle instead of pulling.

You can also use the opposite half of the yoyo in the same way you would use the multitool/allen wrench and just slowly use the opposite bearing seat to wiggle the bearing out. I will never resort to using pliers again after discovering this method.

I’ve never had luck with the multitool.

On “death grip” bearing seats it takes a lot of hard work and the tiny multitool with sharp edges can definitely dig into your hand but with enough back and forth you can get the job done. Using the opposite half of the yoyo as a bigger multitool instead works well in that situation for me and has the added bonus of wearing down the ano on that area so it will (in theory) be easier to remove the bearing in the future.

I see what your saying, I’ll try that out sometime. Oh I had a thought, steel is magnetic and aluminum isn’t, what if you used a super high power magnet to remove the bearing? or make a magnetic bearing removal tool?

Even if you could secure the yoyo half firmly enough to counteract the force necessary, and even if you had a strong enough magnet…

You don’t want a magnetized bearing. Doesn’t spin right.

ya know that makes a lot of sense. I think i’ve mistaken bearings for being messed up when they are just magnetized. But I mean you could always remove the stray charges by grounding the bearing.

The Yoyofactory tool sometimes works in removing the bearing. Remember that if you are using pliers place a cloth between the pliers and the bearing so as to not damage the bearing.

A cloth on the bearing isn’t needed and makes it more likely the pliers will slip off.

That’s what I was thinking. I’ve never damaged the bearing unless it was deathly stuck and at that point I didn’t care I just wanted it off.

rubber band around the bearing would likely be much more effective as a grip/protection mechanism. never tried it and never will but makes sense in my head