How can I get bearings out without multi tool


Hey guys I need some help do you guys know how to get a bearing out without damaging it without a multi-tool
Thanks, Alec

(Erik Kerber ) #2

If you put thst half of the yoyo in the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes it will loosen the bearing and you might be able to get it out with just your fingers. It depends on how tight the bearing is though.


Or, you could take a look here:
Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos


Pliers. Wiggle it a little as you grip the bearing and it will eventually loosen without causing any damage.


Common sense helps.


If you don’t have pliers like stated above, just lightly bite down on the bearing with your teeth, pull and wiggle up and down at the same time and it will come right off. I use that technique all the time when I don’t have my pliers around. The bearing won’t get damaged and neither will your teeth if you don’t bite down like a madman! Lol. Good luck.


Sounds kinda iffy to me. Teeth can break quite easily. Popcorn will do it.


See my prior post for my thoughts on his advice. Haha.

(LordCanti) #9

I prefer to use a boxcutter, wedge it between those YYF spacers and shim it out. Just don’t cut yourself up or get dead.


I agree, if you bit down like crazy like I stated in my prior post. Of course, if you have weak teeth, then for sure don’t do it. I don’t have anything wrong with mine and I barely, barely have to bite on the bearing. It’s all really done with the wiggling.

The op asked for different way, so I gave my 2 cents. :wink:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #11

Teeth are more important than bearing removal. Keep them for eating and keep them for life. There are tools and better ideas to remove bearings. That’s not my 2 cents, that’s common sense. Take care of those pearly whites! :-*


the back side of a 1/4" drill bit works wonders



I do this when I have a REALLY stuck bearing and a regular bearing removal device just won’t do.