Help - stuck bearing

My dv888 bearing can’t be removed so far and I use a plier it scratched my yoyo

Put a rag on the yoyo. Grab the bearing with the pliers and rock while you pull. It’s more rocking than pulling.

Doesn’t work

Will it work if I put the yoyo in the freezer then try to remove the bearing? I am afraid the bearing will break

Yeah, try the freezer. And yes, the bearing may break - just be gentle, don’t squeeze too hard. YYF bearings are notorious for being a tight fit, but they usually come off.

Why do you need to remove it in the first place?

Better yet, use the back end of a 1/4 inch drill bit. Stick it in the center hole and rock it. This assumes the axle is not there of course.

I want to change it either a concave or central track bearing

Thanks anyways

Well if you’re changing it, then it shouldn’t be a big issue if it breaks.

Also see my edit above about using a drill bit.

Sadly both methods didn’t work
Btw will a multitool work?

But still thanks for your help

A multitool is just another pliers. Keep at it. It can take awhile to get it off.


Just use pliers squeeze and pull/wiggle. A bit of pressure on the bearing with the pliers isn’t going to hurt ;). Other than that, everything jhb said :).

Try using the YYF multi-tool it gets most of my bearings out.

A drill bit of the right size works just fine, as noted above.

Exactly the same. But the Rag and pliers should work. Are you a young kid?? Are you pulling hard enough.