DV888 Bearing Seat


True Story I got a really tight bearing seat…I can’t get the bearing off, I tried Tyler Sev’s Guide on taking out yyf bearings with pliers and it just wont budge. Any useful help is appreciated. :’(


Are you wiggling or are you pulling?

Wiggle. Don’t pull. It makes a difference. Also, don’t squeeze too hard or you could damage your bearing.

I personally recommend a bearing puller. The YYF multi-tool works fine for this application. Some people recommend the back of a drill bit, I thnk 1/4" is the recommended size. There is also the string trick. There’s vidoes on all of this.

Many YYF yoyos are tight to the bearing seat. This is normal.


Yes I know about that, I’m wiggling it like what Tyler said and followed everything…and my hands are red already. Do you happen to know what the Freezing Method is?


I think the freezing method is you stick it in the freezer, the theory being the two metals will change differently and it will be a bit easier to pop that bearing out.


so just pop it in the freezer for an hour or so?


I guess so. I might take my dv888 apart in a bit just to see how bad it is. But I have a bearing puller via the YYF Multi-Tool so I’m not worried about bearings. Unless the axle is gigantic, the bearing removal tool can fit over the axle if it’s on the same side as the bearing.

Have you tried the string trick?

Worked for my ONE and it was stubborn, but I just wanted to try a different bearing in it, then put the slim bearing back in.


about a day ago i had a bearing on my popstar that needed cleaning and it would no come off at all i sat for 1 and half hours with yyf tool and pliers.good thing the bearing was close to replacing because i had my dad try then it finally broke but it has been through alot and it was just that bearing i put other ones in it before and they came out easily





I had that same problem with my genesis AND Yuusta. Nothing i tried worked, i ended up having to totally destroy the bearings to get them out. It was rediculous. Sometimes, their seats are just way too ridiculously tight.


does the freezing method ever damage yoyos? also, will it work on my yyf g funk