A little bearing dilemma


So i have gone to my grandparents house for part of the vacation, and was expecting to only be there for like 2-3 weeks. Because of this, i didn’t think i would need my yyf tool, so i left it at home.

Well, my schedule changed so im gonna be spending a couple more weeks here, and my bearing is starting to get slighlty noiser, and when i spin it with my finger, its not as strong as before.
When i first came, it spun for like 8-10 seconds, now its like 3-4 seconds.

Any solutions on how to fix this? I think my grandparents have 100% acetone so that wont be an issue, but i have no idea how to get the bearing out. Ive tried pliers(one wiht the circle gap) and carefully tried wiggling it out but it had no effect…


Put the yoyo in the freezer for 10 minutes, then try the pliers again

The only time that hasn’t worked for me was with my YYF 09 Severe


See if they have a drill bit that fits.


Yup. If it’s a C bearing, 1/4" drill bit is the one.

Side remark that is of NO USE to you at this point: I would never go somewhere for 2-3 weeks without a spare yoyo or bearings. I brought a Minute to the Dominican with me, plus 3 spare bearings. And that was only for a week!


Thanks !
They had a drillbit and it worked perfectly
But now im curious about the freezer thing, How does that work?


The steel of the bearing and the aluminum of the bearing seat will contract at different rates. If you leave the yoyo TOO long, it’ll eventually even out, so timing is important. But after 20 minutes or so, the aluminum should have shrunk just a tiny bit more than the steel, so you can then wiggle it out a bit better. It’s usually still a snug fit, but not a death grip.


So leaving it in for several hours is a no-no?
Just got my cypher, but the bearing sucks, and I can’t get t out with the drill bit…


Yank it out with pliers if you’re going to discard the bearing anyway.


Yeah, several hours is not going to help. Let them get to room temp and try again. :wink: