Unremovable Bearing

(Johnny T) #1

So…I was going to silicone my DV888. I managed to get one side of it siliconed. I was hoping to silicone the other side. I can’t seem to remove the bearing with pliers nor vice. I tried wobbling it back and forth and it still won’t come off. Any help you guys?


Weird, just keep trying, or put it in the prezzer, it worked for my bro’s 5Star

(JM) #3

Put it in the freezer.

Iron contracts more than aluminum in cold situations, thus stainless steel does too.



This trick works for me every time.

(Johnny T) #5

What the beep. Thats gonna be my last resort. Any more ideas?

(JM) #6

It should be your next resort. It’s not going to hurt the bearing or the yo-yo. Metal expands and contracts based on temperature. Think of it like ice and water. Seriously, go do it. You’re bearing will be fine.

(Waylon) #7

If you’re worried about rust or condensation just put it in a freezer bag first. The change in temperature won’t harm anything.


Good idea.

But yes putting it in the freeze for a bit won’t hurt. I got a yoyo in the mail last week and it was outside for a while so it got hot and I didn’t want to play with it hot, so I put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Worked like a charm and still plays as well.

(Johnny T) #9

So…how long would I leave it in for to take out the bearing?


About 20 minutes.


Any type of steel contracts slower. Not more. This means you need to check it after about 5 minutes and then every two minutes after that. If this doesn’t work and you are getting real frusterated you can send it to me and if you pay shipping back I will remove it, sili that side for you and fix the bearing post so that it won’t grab another bearing again.

(Johnny T) #12

…I dont want to waste money just for removing a bearing and siliconing…


Then take people’s suggestions. You came here looking for an answer and we gave you one. If thats not enough then you can pay someone to fix it.

(Johnny T) #14

I tried putting the yoyo in the freezer starting up to 5 min then 10, then 15, and stop at 20. Seems like it didn’t work at all. Any more ideas?


Well I almost forgot about one. You’ll ruin one string doing this, but it works.

Put the string around the axle, not the bearing, and tighten the yoyo. You’ll feel it kind of squish the string. Unscrew it and the bearing will be on the side with the string. Then if you just pull hard the bearing will come out.


From my experience, it doesn’t really work with Dv888’s.