Diffusion bearing removal

Hey guys, I am having a hard time removing the bearing from my diffusion. I’ve tried pliers, and all sorts of stuff, and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions help!

I dunno if this will work, but I’ve heard of success with some stubborn yoyo bearings… did you try putting it in the freezer for a while? Freezing it will cause the materials to contract a little, if the plastic contracts a bit more than the steel of the bearing, then you will have a little more space around the bearing and can remove it.

Lube the bearing seat and freeze it

The bearing seat is metal. Will the freezing still work with that?

Do you mean that I should try to lube under the bearing that is stuck? That would be really hard…

I think it is aluminum just like a metal yoyo. Steel is the only other possibility (like who uses titanium for a bearing seat lol) and if you have a magnet of some sort just check with that.
Aluminum will work, but steel is the same as the bearing itself and probably will not.

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Don’t use a magnet you will magnetize your bearing

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