YYF proton stuck bearing

I recently got a YYF proton and the bearing REFUSED to come out.I tried and tried and would not budge,and the bearing broke(which is my fault).Has this happened with your YYF throws?

Tight bearings are a common issue with YYF yoyos. They claim to have fixed the problem on newer releases.

YYF “DeathGrip” welcomes you…

You say you broke it, did you not get any if it out?

I never thought about this but, if its broken and you could care less about the bearing will a squirt of WD40 around the bearing or in it help relieve it???

Just so you know, WD-40 won’t hurt your bearing - broken or not. And it may help getting the bearing off.

Thats what I said. Just put a ??? to make sure I’m not stating false info.

You didnt state anything, you asked a question.

Just pop a squat on the couch, and slowly rock the bearing out of the seat. You can’t be afraid of breaking the bearing, or lose your patience with it. It’ll pop out eventually. Just google ‘tight yoyo bearing’ or something like that.

There’s always the old freezer trick, that one’s worked for me before. If you aren’t aware, the freezer trick just involves putting the yoyo in the freezer so that it contracts and makes it easier to get the bearing off.

1.) He already did break it :).

2.) Thats why we have a forum…

Woops, I missed the part that he already broke it. And I meant he could google for a video on how to remove them with pliers. That’s how I learned. IMO, it’s much easier to watch a 2 minute video than to read a thousand posts. All that is a moot point now I guess. :slight_smile:

Get used to it. That’s how all my YYF throws are.

Yes, your right.

But IMO: It isn’t that hard to grab and rock with pliers.

ON TOPIC: No, I’ve never broken a bearing.

I’ve broken two spec x bearings. Not a huge fan of them anyways. Ill just swap it out anyways haha. I have found that if you get needle nose and use the wire cutting part where the circle is, you can get most bearings (even YYF) out without much trouble.

I think they keep the bearing seat tight so you have to buy their yoyo tool. That’s the only way I’ve found to safely and consistently get yyf bearings outs.

Well this is a very tight bearing on this yoyo. (in the video)  most of the yoyos I have fixed for people have had more loose bearing then this one, and they destroyed the bearing with pliers.
The yoyofactory multi tool works for normal bearing but doesn’t really work for “Death grip” ones.
You need a rod that fits tight.  very tight.  the one I have is called a pb&j tool.  (pog, bearing, and jam tool.)  it was made for old yoyojams where you needed something like this to take the bearing out with out harming the bearing seat. 
If you push a bearing on this rod it is hard to get off.  you could probably push one on so hard you would have to go the plyers route or use another tool to get it off. 
when you watch the video at first I am not using enough force.  and it doesn’t work,  but then you can see I exaggerate the motion and it gets it out.  It takes some force.  You have to push in and rotate till it starts to move then you have to, not pull, but just let it rock and roll its way out. 

Great video!