Bearing wouldn't come out!

I have avant garde 2 and the bearing wouldn’t come out with YYF multitool! What’s the problem?

Can you elaborate any more on what’s wrong?

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Anyway, it’s normal for YYF yoyos. They have very tight bearing seats and it takes a while to get out. Just keep wiggling. Don’t put too much force that you’ll break it. Just keep wiggling and it will come off eventually.

I might take a while, but it will come off

Without knowing more, let me talk in general terms with assumptions.

YYF has a reputation for bearing seats being very tight to the bearing. Some yoyos are known for this issue. YYF claims this to be a matter of ensuring performance and smooth play, but many other brands, such as One Drop and CLYW(just a couple of examples) don’t have this isssue.

Anyhow, the YYF multi-tool’s bearing puller is kinda too short and it can sometimes be hard to get the leverage you need. It works good, but when the bearing is super tight, you want to use something else, such as a real bearing puller tool or a 1/4" drill bit, or a pair of line pliers. Other methods include dropping your yoyo into the freezer since the aluminum of the yoyo should shrink at a different rate than the steel of the bearing.

Pliers. Just remember to wiggle while pulling.

I got avant garde 2 month ago and I never pulled out the bearing. So it’s my first time to pull out the bearing from avant garde 2. I only have YYF multitool. And it wouldn’t come out!

Did you listen to Studio42’s advice?

I couldn’t get the bearing out of my Winning Bird after leaving it in the freezer for an hour and a half. I left it in overnight and it came right off with some pliers.

The reason that YYF yoyos have the tight bearing seat is because they don’t precision machine their seats. They machine the seat, then shove the bearing on there. After multiple time of unscrewing YYF yoyos, they become wobbly and vibey. This is also heard on some SPYY. Heard? You can hear some squeaking when you take the yoyo apart. One drop and CLYW precision their baering seats to fit the bearing nicely. That is why the bearing basically falls out, and their yoyos remain smooth.

the truth has been revealed… now I’ll be afraid to unscrew my smooth YYFs.

Where’d you get the info?

then I guess I shouldn’t pull my bearing out

I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I’m not trying to defend YYF or bash them. They could be making their bearing seats machined to tolerances, but then after anodizing, it adds a tiny bit of build-up in the area. They may not be adequately compensating for this in the machining process. We’re talking thousandths of an inch kind of stuff, very small.