What's the easiest way to change bearings?


Use a bearing removal tool if it’s that tight. Or use the circular cutout on a pair of pliers to remove it. Gently.

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Buy a yoyo that doesn’t have a tight bearing seat. My DM2 and Speeder 2 DO NOT have tight bearing seats and the bearings come right out. However, in most of my others, I need to pull the bearing. I recommend the YYF Multi-tool or the YYE bearing puller. I have the YYF multi-tool and it works good enough so far to pull out my “most stubborn” bearings so far.

The YYF tool is something that I never really felt the need to own. I acquired one when I bought the YYF Tour pack that contained an extra SPEC bearing, two sets of pads, a FAST holder, Bearing Removal Multi Tool, and some stickers…all for $10. It was a great deal and the Multi Tool has proved to be a great accessory to own.

You won’t find one for that cheap any longer but the $6 price is justified…just add it to your next order.

I don’t mind yoyo’s with tight bearing seats. They’re tight for a reason. Whatever it may be. I mean I don’t notice a difference between my Avalanche which is one of my favorite throws that has a loose bearing seat and say my Superstar which does not and is also a favorite.

My DMII has a pretty tight bearing seat though. Does that prove to be an inconsistency?

I don’t mind the fact that many of my other throws have tight bearing seats. I have the bearing puller on the YYF multi-tool, it’s there for a reason.

As far as inconsistency, I can’t speak for that. I’ve had a Koncave bearing, a Center Track(swapped out of my glow DieNasty just to check it out), the YYJ slim and speed bearings and Terrapin X Wing cut and Terrapin X Chome bearings in my DM2, and I can’t say any of them have been tight. I keep a Terrapin X Wing cut in the DM2 these days. But, the real test came with the Speeder 2, which was just as loose. I just checked my NEW Fiesta XX, and that bearing is loose in the seat. My “new in the bag” Big Yo’s bearing is TIGHT. Both my red and blue Unleashed’s are tight. I’m not going to go check the rest of my collection. I know all my Duncans with bearings are loose though. Well, they use spacers and the spacers are loose as well.

I figure if there was an issue with how tight or loose the bearing seat is, the manufacturer would do something about it. However, given a preference, I’d rather have a tight bearing seat. That way, when I get a knot(I’m new, forgive my sloppy binds at times), I don’t have to worry about the bearing popping free on me when the knot is so far in there I gotta take the yoyo apart.

What YYF should have done is added a knot-grabber blunt knitting-style hook to the tool to snag the knot to pull it loose, sticking out below the string cutter and lng enough to reach into MOST yoyos.

I agree with everything you just said. I prefer the tighter bearing seat. However I don’t really see having a loose one as a problem. I just hold my avalanche to where the bearing won’t fall out.

I think YYF intended on having the allen key to be used for picking out knots as well as the obvious use.

It works on some yoyos with a steep catch zone and big gap width…essentially it doesn’t serve that purpose…at least for me.

Nothing can be perfect I guess.

With my DMII with my original bearing it would be tight one way and not the other.

No, nothing can be perfect. But, if companies listen to what the users want and respond, then improvements can be made and can be made closer to perfection.

Still a great tool, well worth the money I spent on it.

Even a tight bearing seat usually isn’t that tight. It’s just that there’s no good way to get hold of the bearing when it’s snapped in there. Grabbing a precision bearing with a pair of plyers just sounds wrong, but I’ve never had to grab a bearing hard enough to hurt it.

If you’re looking for a good “knot pick”, check a fishing tackle shop. Baitcasting reels are notorious for getting “birdsnests” in them. Knot picks are standard equipment for anyone that has 1 (or 5 ;D)

I had a pick from a soldering set, so I was thinking of getting a new kit since the entire set was lost. But, maybe I go to the local hunting and fishing shops and see what if they have anything like this. It would be cheaper and less waste of unwanted parts. So, thanks for the suggestion!

Also, YYE carries some “non-yoyo in origination” items, such as the flowable silicone. Maybe they carry a “knot picker” too.

However, I DO need the full set anyways, as I ted to do large amounts of soldering from time to time.

MonkeyfingeR has a “Pic.”

Nice. Ideal too because I can snap that onto my YYF Multi-tool and things stay together and the price is about right too. I need to bookmark that site and keep an eye on them.

You don’t actually use the plier portion. Most pliers have a nifty little circular cut out near the handle that fits a Large bearing perfectly. I have actually crushed a bearing in my superstar when I first received it…it was SUPER tight. Prior to destroying the poor thing I tried the freezer, string, wiggle, and bearing removal tool method to no avail.

The monkey finger pick is awesome.

what I do is twist the string attached to my throw hand and make a little bowtie. Than I use the bowtie to rub the knot out. It sounds weird…kind of hard to explain…but it works quite well…and now there’s no need to add yet another adornment to my already hefty caribiner.