Konkave failure

So, my friend has a YYF skyline, and a size C KK bearing. But it got stuck in the bearing seat. Was it just a bad bearing? We had to break it to get it off. Is it the yoyo or the bearing?

It was not the bearing. YYF yoyos tend to have very tight bearings seats (or at least most of em do), and that happens. I’m not sure about the breaking the bearing though. Did you try pliers or the bearing removal tool? If done correctly, there should be no damage to either the bearing nor to the yoyo.

Most YYF yoyos are very tight to the bearing, or is it the bearings are very tight to the bearing seat. Either way, it’s a tight fit. The best way to remove the bearing in my opinion is to use a bearing removal tool. You can also use a 1/" drill bit. Another option is a pair of pliers. But you’d have to really be going at it to destroy a bearing.

You shouldn’t have had to break it. It’s called “finesse” and “patience”. Some yoyos have this problem worse than others. Either way, don’t expect an instant fix. It can take a little bit of time(probably less than a minute) to remove a bearing.

Please educate yourself on how to properly remove a bearing. There’s a large number of YouTube videos on this topic.

Thanks. We tried everyithing but it was just stuck. The bearing is just bent.

I think you were too aggressive removing it.

There’s also a right way and a wrong way to remove a bearing using pliers and not all pliers are appropriate. Even so, done with too much force, well, something is going to break, and it sure won’t be the pliers.

What yoyo was it? Dont tell me it was a Di Base…

He won’t, because he said it was a YYF Skyline.

Dude get over it, tight bearing seats are very, very common.

If you don’t have access to a bearing removal tool tell your friend to wiggle the bearing off with pliers not pull. Just wondering, but did he break the spec bearing that came stock with it too? If it didn’t come to that it might partly the kk’s fault as well.

The SPEC on it did the same thing. But, she ordered a 10 Ball tonight.
We were too aggressive.

The bearing removal tool works like a charm. It is easy to get the bearing out usually but hard to get it off of the remover for me.

Now I feel like an idiot :stuck_out_tongue: