Stuck bearing


The bearing on my G funk ls stuck. My yyf multitool’s bearing removal wont work, big plyers wont work, wrench won’t work. What to do? I want to put my center track bearing in my g funk to see how it plays. Thanks!


I would just keep on trying. The g funk is known for a tight bearing seat…


The pliers I have are way more effective then the yyf tool, but my yyf severe bearing was still unable to be removed with the pliers with it. It was by far the tightest bearing I ever had. Then, I combined the strength of both, and managed to get it out after a few minutes, I felt accomplished :smiley: but yea, put the tool in there, then grab the tool with the pliers, then… WIGGLE THAT THANG OUT!

(M.DeV1) #4

Best method EVER.


K thanks guys i’ll try that.


Or maybe not. Because if i dont like it with the center track in there, and i cant get the center track out, then ill be stuck with the center track, and ruin my yoyo. I guess ill see how hard it is to get the original bearing out first. Thanks!


well the Yuuksta has the tightest bearing seat Ive ever used.

Put it in the freezer and use Pliers or multitool


Once it’s out, you can take some very fine sandpaper to the bearing seat to take off a bit of material.


You can also try the string method. Use an old string that’s no good anymore, because this method will more than likely destroy the string. You basically wrap a string around the axle and then screw the yoyo back together. When you unscrew the yoyo again, the bearing should’ve switched sides so that it is in the bearing seat with the string stuck underneath of it. Now all you have to do is pull the string, and the bearing should pop right out. This might take a couple tries, but it definitely does the trick. :slight_smile:


Stick it in the freezer, then try wiggling around the bearing, go clockwise or counterclockwise; your choice!


This doesn’t work on a bearing stuck that hard.