YYF G-Funk questions

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I currently have a YYF G-Funk, and I want to remove the bearing. I don’t have the YYF Multi-Tool yet, so how do I get the bearing out? I’ve tried taking it out using pliers, but it isn’t coming out. Help!

Keep using pliers. U won’t harm the bearing with a hard grip just keep trying.

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I spent hours and hours trying to get my g funk bearing out… I eventually squished it and destroyed it. It was definetely worth it. If you have a spare bearing, do that. But before puting a new bearing in, shave the bearing seay down so you dont have that problem again.

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When u use the pliers u gotta like wiggle it to loosen it. Don’t just pull.


No. You will wreck the bearing. Pliers will ruin severely stuck bearings.

Since you don’t have a bearing removal tool, you can use an allen wrench that fits snug in the bearing and wiggle it out. If you don’t have an allen wrench (or the right sized one) you could go to a hardware store and buy one. They are probably less than a buck. (Actually, you could probably just find the right one and just use it right in the store without even buying it)

I could have saved myself at least 5 bearings (a couple KKs no less!!) If I had known this little tip a few years back before anyone sold bearing removal tools.

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Rather than an allen wrench use a 1/4 in. drill bit. That’s the ID of the bearing and is the same size as the YYF bearing tool. And as noted above, the trick is to wiggle it more than pull.

Take the half with the bearing and freeze it for about 8 minutes then try the pliers again should come off easier.

I mean u gotta be careful with pliers but if u know what ur doing u won’t wreck anything.

I’ve had plenty of stuck yyf bearings but I always just use pliers and wiggle it out. Sometimes it takes a couple tries but it always works. I’ve never done any damage to any of the bearings I’ve removed.

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