Unscrewing itself during play?

I was throwing at my Grandma’s house today and my yoyo just randomly unscrews itself midsleeper and half of it flies into the yard and the other half just falls down on the porch. ::)But here’s the kicker, the bearing falls through a crack in the wooden porch! Any ideas on why this happened?The yoyo was completely screwed together tight. I’m going to have to buy a new bearing tomorrow. :-\

What yoyo was it? That’s pretty important.

It happens. Right before its about to fall apart it makes an odd noise, so you pretty much know its about to happen if youre paying attention. If it does, you just got to stop throwing and tighten it. Happens all the time.

You have have started feeling it was tight. Did you have it wound up before you started?

Check your yoyo frequently. Carry spare parts. Would a bit of wire and some chewing gum or tape help you recover the bearing?

It was a YYJ Chaser. Oh no there is no way I’m going to find that little bugger, the porch is bricked in on all sides. It has happened before(twice) but I heard the noise and tightened it back up but this time there wasn’t any noise.

You can’t get a wire through the crack either, you really can’t even see down there. Just going to have to buy another bearing.

Use some blue LocTite to secure it a little better. Just a touch. Teflon tape is another option.

I’ve played my Chaser quite a bit and never had this problem. Now, my Dm2, this has happened a couple of times, but only came apart one time. My Phenom did this once but I could tell by the noise what was going on.

Interesting. I’ve never had either of my chasers unscrew during play. Maybe I just take apart and then retighten it (I get a lot of knots).

Try tightening it a little tighter or checking it a little more frequently. It’s a good habit to get into.

Thanks! I’m just glad it wasn’t badly damaged when it went flying through the yard but all it was was a little scratch. Definitely going to get into that habit…

I was at a competition last fall and there was a kid there with a brand new YYJ Cerberus which kept coming apart on him during warm-ups. Just this afternoon I happen to take my DM2 apart to untangle a mess I had created to find the axle was almost completely out on one side.

I’m not picking on YoYo Jam here necessarily. I am completely satisfied with all the throws I’ve have which bear their name. I am suggesting it may be wise to anticipate your Chaser may have a propensity for loosening up over time and may warrant stopping to check it over occasionally.

Wow. A Cerberus? What really sucks is that I’ve ordered 100 polyester strings and they are coming in tomorrow and I don’t have a bearing!

Call up customer service and have them put the order together, then have them ship the bearing first class. They’ll take good care of you, rest assured. I’ve had positive experiences with several online yoyo resellers. YYE is one of the top ones. They want to help.

I’ve already got a limited supply of bearings so I have spares. When I go out of town, I make sure I have extra strings, lube and bearings.

It happens. It’s due to the differential forces on each half because of the response. I had it happen to me at MN states a few years ago, mid-stream in the ladder routine. Kinda killed the flow. :wink:

If you have a hobby shop in your town you can probably pick up a replacement bearing there. They’re used in RC cars and such. The size you need is .250 in. x .500 in. x .187 in.

A little dab of blue locktight on the tip of the axles should do the trick. Just don’t get it anywhere but the tip of the axle or it will lock up your bearing. Also, I noticed ace hardware carries bearings, but I’m not sure if they are the correct size- it’s worth looking

The bearings will be lower quality from a hardware store though. If you get it from a hobby shop, ask for the best you are willing to spend on. I recall some really good bearings cost around a dollar, some more than KKs at hobby shops.

I also had a yoyo come apart on me today. I was trying out some hops on my new Fiesta XX and as it was coming down(threw it as high as tr roof of my 2 story house) it came apart just as it hit the string. It wouldve been awesome for YouTube I bet. I found the hearing though :slight_smile:

To the OP, if you’re in in Sacramento, I can sell you a bearing for cheap. I could give you one of my marginal bearings but I don’t think that’s a good way to go.

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Thanks Studio42 but I’m in South MS. But, do you think the yoyoexpert or yoyojam bearing would be a better deal? Its only a $1.00 difference but I don’t want a bad quality bearing. Thanks again.

Parts is parts. My guess is both bearings came from the same manufacturer. YYJ doesn’t make their own. For that matter you can probably pick one up of equal quality at the local hobby shop if you have one near by.

Sadly we don’t have a hobby shop. :frowning:

I’ve bought bearings for $.25 and they were awesome. I’ve also bought $5 bearings that locked up on me after a week.

On the loosening, Any yoyo that doesn’t have an adjustable gap like most YYJ’s they they will occasionally come apart. I’ve had everything from a $30 ooch shmoov to an OG painted peak to a few titanium yoyo’s. It’s not the yoyo. Like JHB said it’s the response grabbing at different speeds that causes it.