My bearing stopped working

When I dissembled my yoyo, my bearing works just fine. But after assembling, by simply put the two half together, then the bearing got locked up and doesn’t spin at all. The problem is I just purchased it lately and I didn’t do anything to it, can someone plz tell me how to fix it?

You need to provide ‘more information’.

  1. Why did you take it apart?

  2. When you unscrewed the halves; did you remove the bearing from the side it was on?

  3. If you did remove the bearing; did it come off easy? Or did you have to use pliers to get it off?

  4. Have to tried taking the yoyo apart again and trying to spin the bearing with the tip of your finger?

…By just stating you took it apart and when you put it back together it didn’t work; is like calling a Mechanic on the telephone and saying, ‘Hello Sir; my car Doesn’t work; what do you think is wrong with it’?

…I am not saying you don’t have a yoyo problem. Just that you need to give a more detailed explanation.

Otherwise this thread is going to be just another educated guessing game.

  1. Since the problem was so obvious, I took it apart just to check what happened to the bearing.
  2. No, the bearing is attached to the side it was on the entire time.
    3.&4. I’ve never tried to remove it actually, it works perfectly when I took the yoyo apart.

I’m new to this forum, sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you for replying.

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I’m guessing you probably overtightened the yoyo. I’ve had this happen on a replay pro before. This is a problem with plastic bearing seat yoyos. What yoyo is it?

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If you take the yoyo apart again and try to spin the bearing with your finger, does it spin?

If the bearing spins when the yoyo is apart, that suggests something wonky happened when it is put together (like eulercauchy suggested). If the bearing doesn’t spin when the yoyo is apart, it could be as simple as the bearing needs to be cleaned or as disappointing as the bearing was damaged. There are posts in the mod and maintenance section of the forum for cleaning bearings, and Throws and Brews (on YouTube) has a video that lots of people recommend.


It’s exactly replay pro!!! So I shouldn’t tighten it too much ?

Try tightening it less and see if it works

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Yeah, basically what happens is there’s a captive nut on one side of the Replay and on the other end is a bolt.

When you overtighten it causes the bearing seat to come in contact with the bearing keeping it from spinning, and it becomes responsive.

The problem is the captive bearing won’t ever be “tight” again at the position where you need it to be.

It’s a poor design prone to failure. You can slightly fix it by using some locktite if you have some around and tighten to the exact position its supposed to be tight at. But this will eventually fail with the bearing seat’s inner nub tearing off.

I recommend instead of buying locktite for this temporary fix is to just buy a first base. They’re closer to indestructable, but as with any yoyo, you can overtighten. It’s just you’d have to be really trying to destroy it to overtighten a first base.


oh yeah, this exact scenario happened to me by the way.

They’re good yoyos while throwing, just never ever ever take them apart.


Lol I have taken mine apart a LOT of times and it’s perfect haha


I think you are being a bit harsh stating this opinion as fact. Maybe I’m wrong, you have a degree in mechanical engineering and experience in successfully designing yoyos. However, I have a Replay Pro that is several years old, no issues. It seems others do as well.


The tradgedy here is that ‘you’ allowed Yoyofactory to make 100,000 of the yoyos before you brought up the suggestion of this design failure.

You could have contacted them directly and saved Civilization as we know it.

…So you point this out now; when it’s already ‘reach for Kleenex time’.

A Crushing blow to Humanity.

I took the initiative and had my Legal Firm draw up a Cease and Desist order on this matter.

I sent a GPS equipped Tracking Drone to seek out Hans so he can instruct the Oompa Loompas to stop the Production line Immediately!

Representing my particular Village; let me be the first to step up and thank you.

Yours truly, Mo… old school yoyo modder. :clown_face:


Yowza. People do not like calling out design flaws on cheap yoyos.

I realize the reason for it, to drop the cost below the $16 mark. It’s much easier to make a single mold and not have to deal with inserts or sonic welding or press fits.

I’m sorry I see plastic bearing seats as a flaw. It is the weakest link in the design that will cause these yoyos to see their death.

The whole yoyo is not poor design, using a plastic bearing seat is prone to failure. You can see an area where you have failures in a design and beef it up if it’s worth it for the cost increase or you can decide the failure mode is acceptable and failure rate is fine and just keep producing them.

It’s a fine throw as long as people get a warning that it’s very susceptible to over tightening failure.


Aside from the One Drop Side Effects system, can you point out yoyos that aren’t susceptible to over tightening failure? I’ve read more posts that I can remember where people are complaining that they stripped their new yoyo because they either cross threaded the axle when reassembling, or, they cranked the yoyo so tight that the steel axle stripped the aluminum threads.


Obviously the one drops is the best, because you could replace it if it were stripped. And there’s also an o ring in there to further prevent the ability to gain enough friction to strip.

You would have to go with a softer metal axle than the bearing seat.

Most any other screw type is better than what the replay pro does, because the replay pro depends on the captive nut to be the stopping point instead of the bearing seat coming into contact with the inner ring, whereas a onestar doesn’t use a captive nut and the tolerances are such that the the part of the bearing seat that touches the inner bearing ring bears the load of tightening.

My biggest problem is that captive nut.


I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of similar durability/fragility issues with regards to other plastic throws, as well, and YYF designing plastic throws that aren’t friendly to disassembly & reassembly isn’t anything new. I’ve stayed away from the Protostar and OG North Star for that very reason. And I remember people pointing out that the newer Replay Pros (the translucent) being less durable than the older opaque ones. Hell, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people mention their Replay Pros’ caps having raised areas from where they drove the axle through it due to overtightening. This isn’t new; this isn’t controversial.

I have two Replay Pros that I’ve had for years that are fine, but you can tell that the design is fragile. I don’t see why this warrants a debate when @eulercauchy is simply helping troubleshoot an issue for a new member.


Yeah. How dare you be critical of yoyo design


All I’m saying is when someone who joined the forum 2 months ago’s first comment trying to help troubleshoot is “poor design”, it completely dismisses the possibility of human error. Is the Replay the best designed plastic out there? Probably not. Is it better than the death grip spacers is older YYF (and even the Flight)? Probably. Could a little bit of care when assembling and disassembling prevent a host of problems? Almost definitely.

It is probably the way I was raised, but, when I take something apart that was working, and, I reassemble it and it no longer works…the first source of error I look at is the guy I see in the mirror.

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I work in product design where our users actively try to break our products.

They find weak links and we try to make it so it can’t fail that way. This way we get a better MTBF.


Your selective selection of our many selectable products from the history of YoYoFactory highlights the engineering evolution of modern yoyos. If you want to see how YoYoFactory took risks stare at the past. If you want to see how YoYoFactory evolved take a look at the most recent product offerings Wedge and Arrow. Wedge pushed the limits of weight/width/precision of injection molded plastic at an affordable price. Arrow is a rugged design built for first time players to abuse and grow their skills. Replay took Gentry to an epic win at the US Nationals. It’s a legend. Just as Gentry continues to re-invent himself his legendary products will also continue to evolve. Sit tight and enjoy what YYF drops in 2020 :wink: