Is this my fault?

Ok, so yesterday I got my hectic in the mail. I love the color and feel of it, but I’ve already had some problems with it…

Yesterday I was playing with it in my living room and out of the blue it split in half. It landed on carpet so it didnt get scratched. So I put it back together and made sure it was tight every time before i threw it. Then later that day I was playing with it over concrete, and once again, it fell apart. I wasnt doing intense tricks or swinging it around that much either. But now there are two pretty big scratches on both sides of the yoyo.

Today, I started playing with it again, and luckily it hasnt broke apart yet, and it hasnt even been loose. After a while the the bearing began to mess up a lot. I kept playing with it thinking it was just a fluke. A couple more times the bearing just stopped spinning and the string spun around it, slowing it down really fast. Then I took one side off and just spun the bearing with my hand,while it was attached to the other side. It didnt spin smooth at all, it made a pretty loud noise, and at some points it just didnt turn at all. I

The yoyo hasnt been exposed to water, or been left outside, I’ve had it for less than 2 days. I’ve already sent an email to yoyoexpert about this, and I havent gotten a reply back yet. I would appreciate any advice from anyone. I really dont think it’s anything I’ve done that has broken it, I’ve had it for less than two days, and really tried to be careful with it.

Something about stupid fundaMETALS… always messing up. My dv888’s bearing is messed. Try tightening your axle, use thin lube, clean the bearing, or contact YYF.

Before you do anything to alter the yoyo send an email to the support group at YYF…

Explain every thing you just said to them… I would reccomend not messing with your hectic till you get a reply… my bearing messed up in my New Breed and the day after I contacted YYJ I had a reply with suggestions. I’ve heard YYF Support is very nice as well…

Good luck

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I really don’t think you can say that. Last I heard, you weren’t running one of the largest yoyo companies out there providing hundreds of people with top-notch yoyos, so I wouldn’t talk if I were you. :wink:

I agree with Smoke770077. YoYoFactory will definitely help you out. They have great customer service.

Also, you might want to try Threalocker Blue.

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Ok I sent an email to yoyofactory, thanks for the help guys, I guess it’s just a matter of waiting now. And yea since I’ve started to have problems with the bearing I’ve just stopped using it, im just practicin on my legacy now.

Also, what is Threalocker Blue?

The threadlocker will work.

Go to a department store, or wal-mart even and ask them for “The blue loctite” and they will give you this:

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Does that threadlocker stuff just make the screw tighter? It’s not glue is it? Will it hurt the yoyo?

Sorry I’m not trusting, but I just really dont want to mess this yoyo up more. Ill probably wait until I get the bearing fixed or replaced to put this stuff in. But thanks for the recomendations guys, I really appreciate it. The people on these forums are always nice and helpful. :slight_smile:

It will make the axle have a tighter grip on the yoyo, so it won’t unscrew.

It will not hurt it, I have done it several times.

It’s all good, the threadlocker is primarily used in automotive applications to prevent small (less than 1/4’’, or something like that) screws and bolts from unscrewing due to vibration. You can think of it like a glue, but it’s not permanent. It just increases the friction between the axle and the yo yo by filling in the gaps in between the threads. Basically, it will make it harder to unscrew the two sides of the yo-yo, but it wont make impossible.

Think of it as a way to make the yo-yo stay together until you WANT it to come apart.

//Side note: I really dont think this is a bearing problem//