I can't throw my yoyo right! I think it's broken!


Have you thought about buying a konkave and lubing it. That should help.


I think the bearing is dirty, try cleaning it then putting a few drops of lube in it.

Yeah consider a super special bearing, like a terrapin or ceramic konkave, they are necessary for taking your game to the NEXT LEVEL.

Like OMG dood ur spin tymez will be sooo awesome!!!

I don’t know, maybe try shortening your string. :wink:


Go talk to a Tibetan monk, they know a lot about these things. Bob is particularly helpful.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Don’t bother cleaning it though just lube it and if that doesn’t work lube it again and if that doesn’t work just soak it in lube I should play completely unresponsive.

It looks like it’s tilting a lot. Try bending the axle the other way a bunch and see how it looks.

Yeah I think he needs this and to hubstack it.

Also your using a bad string it needs to be one of those 20 dollar strings and about 7 feet long for that Zach Gormley swag.

call the retail shop where you bought it. its broken. You have been swindled.
id consider taking legal action.

Try string lotion, or a new bearing, or forget everything and buy a new one. Send the old one to me. ;D

Honestly it’s probably the color of the yoyo. I think a red one would work better.

You need this.


It makes you yoyo like a pro.

Oh that yoyo only works with crocostrings on it. Sorry.



just give up and buy a really expensive yoyo like a clyw

Yes two bearings will help, but five bearings will fix it completely. And if you’re axle is to short just get one of those super long ones from the department store. Don’t worry about the size they all fit yoyos.

are you even listening? you need to clean your bearing then lube it

Skip cleaning it put 3 entire bottles of thick lube in there.