Unresponsive turned Responsive


I have had this problem with COUNTLESS YoYos. I play with a YoYo constantly for a week and then all of a sudden it goes from unresponsive to responsive. I’ll try doing plastic whips and it comes back up and smacks me in the hand. I’ve tried applying thin lube to the bearings but it doesn’t do anything, I’ve tried changing the string. The bearings just start making weird noises when I throw the YoYo down. I don’t know if being left handed has anything to do with this, but it’s really starting to make me frustrated. I’ve had 2 YoYoFactory One Star YoYos, I then brought them back into the store to get a refund for them and I got the YoYoFactory DV888, then recently because I wanted to get a better YoYo, I bought a YoYoFactory Shutter. And all 4 of these YoYos have turned responsive. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I would really love to not have to buy a new bearing (I will if I have to), or a new YoYo… Any help would be appreciated!


All yoyos last about a week then you need to throw them away. Really expensive yoyos are rarely thrown because of this. Or you could clean the bearings


You need to clean your bearings. Lube makes them more responsive.

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Sounds like you just need to clean your bearings. Lube is used very, very, sparingly. A small drop off the end of a needle on just a few of the balls in the bearing is all that is needed.

More lube will actually make your yoyo responsive as it slows the bearing down. It seems odd but that is how it works. Imagine rolling a marble around the bottom of a clean dry jar. It really goes!
Now imagine covering the bottom of the jar with oil and rolling the marble again. It will be much slower.


Look around the forums in the maintenance stuff for how to clean the bearings. You must have gotten them dirty super fast! I usually go for months without cleaning most of my bearings. I used to be bothered by maintenance much more but it seemed to go away after I became a better yoyoer.




Thanks guys! :slight_smile: