my yyj legacy 2 ball bearing is responsive what do i do?


alright i got a yyj legacy2 put the ball bearing in and tested it out the yoyo is responsive not unresponsive like it says in the review like “consider it a gateway to unresponsive play” it is responsive did something happen did i do something wrong? please help!!!


But the wide bearing in that comes in the package. Problem resolved.

It comes with a thin/half width bearing installed. In the package is a full width C bearing. That’s the one you want to use for unresponsive play.

If you’re using the wider bearing, did you lube it first? Play it a while and break in the lube or use mineral spirits, lighter fluid or acetone and clean it out.


i used the wide bearing thats the problem any tips?


Are you single or double looped around the bearing? Knot over the bearing? Remove any knots and single loop the string over the ball bearing.

Lube? Did you lube it? If so, how, what and how much. Would you consider cleaning the bearing properly?

How did you put the string on? Is it caught in the bearing seat area?


I used it with the ball bearing no knots not stuck don’t own any lube my string has no knots cause if there
was I would have taken them out by getting the knot out


Are you SURE you are using the wide bearing?

Try putting the bearing on the yo-yo or a pencil and flick it. Does it spin or feel “stuck?”


and when you do this how long does it spin for?


i am sure it was the wide bearing but not as wide as i thought it would be it spins for 43 seconds


You think it’s the wide bearing but it was smaller than you thought?

Have you taken off the shields? Can you see the balls of the bearing?

If you haven’t taken off the shields and you do see the balls, it’s the small bearing.

The small bearing has no shields in package.


I know the difference and between the spec bearing and wide bearing and the wide bearing looked alot like the size of my Yomega mavericks. Bearing I am starting to wonder if it is the response pads


Help me!


What I meant by how long it spins is by a flick of the finger. If it spins for 43 seconds with a flick, then you have superhuman strength. If it spins for 43 seconds when you throw the yo-yo, then you’re obviously not experienced enough. But it’s ok, we are here to help.

I would also like to point out that a Spec bearing and a “wide” bearing is the exact same size (size C).

So, I’m gonna ask again since you didn’t really answer the first time. With the bearing on the yo-yo, how long does the bearing spin with a flick of a finger?

Also, like Shadowz143 asked, is the bearing you have shielded or deshielded? If you could see the balls of the bearing when you got the yo-yo, then it’s the narrow bearing. If there was a shield on the bearing out of the package, then it was the wide bearing.

One more thing. Can you show us (give us a picture) of how you put the string on the yo-yo?

Please be specific with your answers so we can deliver our best answers.


with flick of finger 3 to7 seconds and i cant post a picture cause i cant figure it out the the bearing that’s in it is shielded it was the bearing out of the package and i make a loop to put the string on


Could you be more clear in English?

I can barely understand you.

You make a loop to put the string on?

Are you putting the wrong side of the string on?

People need more info, and pics, it’s not hard.

Just click additional options and click choose file. Then select a pic.

Very easily actually.


alright here are two pictures one the size of the bearing and another how i put the string on the yoyo hope this is useful


Looks like the string is on properly and it appears to be the wide bearing.

Is there anything in the bearing seat?

Otherwise, my thoughts are to clean the bearing and run it dry for a bit and see if that makes a difference? Then maybe consider a very light lube.


Yep, looks fine, clean the bearing like Studio42 said.


^^^^^ I gotta agree with these two.


There’s nothing in between the bearing other than the axle so I am stumped too oh but one more thing I don’t own any lube is there any good substitute for it or should I use my own formula for it to be very light or thin On it?


Try cleaning it using one of these methods:,871.0.html