I can't throw my yoyo right! I think it's broken!

Listen to this guys advise! He knows what he’s talking about.

Ohh, I see the problem more clearly now. You’ve got the bearings in upside down.

Oh duh. Idk why none of us saw that before. But as ur flipping them make sure to put some more lube. And if u get any lube on ur hands put more lube on the bearing or it isn’t getting enough.



Well its totaly ruined now just go buy a CLYW

Sand off that rim stuff with some 20 grit paper.

Oh, try 3 bearings. Make sure its profiled, flat, flat.

Ohyes that nasty gunk on the rims is distorting your yoyo you need to get rid of it.

Try no bearing or axle at all… That should work. If not, put it in the microwave for an hour then try again.

(All things said in this post are for comedic purposes only. Never put metal in the microwave.)

(What? There may be kids younger than me on the forums who will take it seriously)

This is the best thread I have ever seen in all my time on the forums!

And after you put it in the microwave then put it in the freezer for two days and then stick it in the oven for two days and then it should be fixed

Have you tried adding some bacon? It makes everything better.

You’re using flat bearings. No wonder you cant get it to work.You have to use KonKave bearings for it to work right, especially when you beefcake it. Not Center Trac, because those are stock in YYF yoyos. Ad as many bearings as you can, because the wider the gap the better.And make sure you aren’t using stock response. You have to buy the really expensive hard to find o-rings to replace those with.

Have you tried licking it yet? If that doesn’t work, let your dog lick it. If that doesn’t work, let your sister stare at it. If that doesn’t work, tape it to a tree. If that doesn’t work, throw it in a lake and dive down to save it (BTW, if it landed on its bearings, then it is fixed). If that doesn’t work, you should call the police (obviously, the yoyo has committed serious crimes against awesomeness). If that doesn’t work, fly it to Hawaii with a note that says “DUDE! FIX DIS YOYO! ONCE IT FIXED, SEND BACK TO ME” (making sure it is spelled like that; how the Hawaiians would say it). If that doesn’t work, then throw it as hard as you can from the top of the Empire State Building and let it smash on the concrete. That should fix the dinks.

If that doesn’t work, you are doomed.

BTW, just try, as a last resort, to throw it in a jar of yogurt and let it soak for ten years.

Just do the Catsup Mod

It feels unloved. I recommend writing it a love poem, or perhaps showing it to at least 20 people and tell them it’s your best friend.

Rub some bacon on it.

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This. Just this.

Yes that should work if the love poem doesnt work then try righting it a love song

The left half is bent, run it over with your car to un bend it. Should fix the spin time.

Is this real?

Also add more air horn